Sunday, October 28, 2007


I am so screwed! My first OSCE practice was a total disaster! Got to practise even in my dreams!!!!


I have been really studying these few days as my finals is really just around the corner. I wil have my OSCE soon on 1 Nov and then after a written paper, I will be FREE!!!!! I even plan to go straight to city right after the exam! That gives you an inkling about how sick I am in revising!

Nothing really special during the last week except that a group of us went to play frisbee and boomerang on one sunny day... We really enjoyed it and even played childhood games! Nevertheless, almost all of us injured ourselves as we were playing hard... Now, I have 2 bruises and a scratch on my right knee...yet I must say that the game was really rejuvenating...

Yesterday, Yu Wan finally cooked Bo Bo Cha Cha for me...I had been bugging her for that for quite a

I'm now off to practising OSCE! ciao!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The start of Swot Vac!

Yesterday we had an anatomy trivia quiz. I have always thought that there are a lot of anatomy pros in the faculty so I really didn’t expect that I emerged as the second highest scorer! I was 5 marks behind our cadaver boy—Chau Wang of course! Anyway, I got Gerry’s latest Dartos CD with his dog's picture as well as a brachial plexus poster…

This is Gerry's Bessie Beagle!

By the way, there was an anatomy question for dog! Guess what is the extra bone in a dog compared with a human? Ask me personally if you want to know the answer!

It was the last official day for first year medicine. We were all very excited at the prospect of a real holiday and I really look forward to the Gold Coast trip! But before that we have to wade through the tricky OSCEs and a 3 hour written exam.. a lot of my friends from other faculties envy us medical students as we have less paper but it is really a pain! Imagine studying so much material and cramming the information…
And we just celebrated Yu Wan’s birthday today. There were 3 different kinds of cakes—butter, chocolate and sponge and 4 types of kuay teow—3 were fried with soya sauce and another one with Chau Wang’s mom’s secret recipe—ketchup! Yu Wan herself made almond flavoured jelly. And there were jasmine tea as well as longan syrup…

The new MISU “couple” A Niao and A Zhu were our entertainers who kept us busy laughing with their lame jokes…

This was really a good way to start my revision week!

I feel so full and satisfied now!

13 days to OSCE; 21 days to finals!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rainy day, Cancer Awareness Day

Who said that the weather forecast in Melbourne is hardly ever accurate? What transcended today proves that I should really check it everyday… It was raining so early in the morning so it was the very first time that the MISU members didn’t go to uni together…when I reach uni, I was already soaked through…so I had to sit uncomfortably in the lecture theatre for 2 hours with my wet jacket as it was cold in the lecture theatre, trying my very best to concentrate….to ignore my bedraggled socks and sneakers, as well as my half wet jeans…the lecturer was lecturing confidently about muscarinic agonists and antagonists but all in my mind was to get out of the lecture theatre and have a nice warm shower….anyway, incredibly, I went through the whole day from 8-4pm in this unsightly state…

Well, at least the day was not all bad…we had breast and prostate cancer awareness day so there was a BBQ (with Australian favourite BBQ food, sausage sandwich of course) and a lot more mouth-watering confectioneries courtesy of my fellow med friends…all guys worn blue whereas the girls donned pink! At the end of the day, our MUMUS rep announced that the total donation was up to $1000…amazing indeed!
Countdown to finals—28 days

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is happening?!?!

Well, I just do not understand why everything must happen at the same's always either I am too busy or I am too free...I always want a holiday at this point of time yet after I finally have it, I will be overwhelmed by boredom...hei, you may say that this girl is weird but that's me...

I have my finals in less than a month but I can't seem to get into the studying mode...I have so many distractions! After concentrating for 5 minutes, my mind will start wandering how to decorate my potential new house or what to eat for tomorrow or even worse, what to cook for the day after... Craig Hassed told meto quietly acknowlegde all these noises in my head but be unreactive...and I find that this is almost unachievable...

Anyway, I must study, mug and be a nerd!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Epidemiology?!?!?!How to make sense of it?

Well, this is just a very random blog post because I am really fed up with epidemiology already…I just can’t understand why the epidemiologists do not speak English! And I find that anatomy actually makes more sense than epi! Beats me… whenever I try to read epi, I will be really irritable…confidence interval, p-value, null hypothesis( who needs a hypothesis that basically says nothing will change?), t-test etc just drives me nuts…I wonder if anyone likes epi….i know that it’s important so that we can interpret health studies but still, it can be extremely distasteful to try to digest statistics…

I have never liked stats in my life and I thought that by studying medicine, I can finally do without it…yet this is a whole semester lot of stats!!!
If only my brain is a little bit more math-oriented… I miss Cheng Seng since he always taught me maths…Okay, I still got a couple more questions to go then I AM FREE FROM EPI (at least for this week…lol…)

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