Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brisbane and Gold Coast Trip

Wow, the holiday that I have been looking forward to had finally arrived! And my trip to Queensland proved to be fruitful…There were Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Daniel, Nooi Hoay, Chau Wang, Ye Chia , Ryan and I…

Queensland is indeed the sunshine state. The weather is even hotter than in Malaysia.

17/11/2007~ Reached Brisbane in the evening. Had a brief tour to University of Queensland then had a splendid dinner with our guides-- Li Suan, Min Shan, Penny and Chiet Yen

In the University of Queensland...

18/11/2007~ Under the scorching heat, we had a tour around the heart of the city. There were Brisbane Museum, Southbank ( I heard that there are altogether 13 bridges across the river linking the 2 parts of the city) , Roma Street Parklands ( The flowers were captivating with rainbow-like colours) , the casino of Brisbane, manmade beach, lifestyle market, an artwork exhibition in Suncorp Stadium. I also had my first sunset watching at the Kangaroo point. And finally, Chelfi and I met and had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in China Town. We also visited the famous and picturesque Story Bridge.

Sunset at Kangaroo Point

19/11/2007~ After bidding farewell to our friends cum local guides, we headed to Gold Coast. This was my first time staying in a Backpackers hostel and I found the experience valuable. It was clean and quite comfy despite the noise from the traffic in the morning. We met Wong, Sze Ching, Audrey and Wan Mit for dinner. I savoured a seafood pizza…yum…yum…A night visit to Main beach completed my day.

20/11/2007~ Our first theme park in Gold Coast—Dreamworld. It was really fun but I regretted starting with the most thrilling rides (the Claw, Tornado and Vortex). That was the second time I vomited in a theme park! The first time was in Luna Park when I had my orientation week for the residential hall. Afterwards, I had a relaxing day, taking photos, watching shows( have you seen tigers climbing trees? They are really agile! )and queuing for rides.

21/11/2007~ Seaworld was awesome as well. The dolphin and seal shows were fantastic. These shows which I saw when I was still a kid still manage to attract me so much! The dolphins were exceptionally graceful and adorable...I enjoyed the ride in the Ferris wheel as I took a lot of scenic photos. And, coincidentally, my uncle also happened to be on a vacation with his family, so we met and had a great time chatting and savouring home cooked food...

Yes, you didn't see wrongly! The dolphins were carrying their trainer!

22/11/2007~I have heard from the others that Movie World is meant for kids, yet I think this is one of the theme parks that I enjoyed the most... Cartoon characters have never lost their place in my heart... I managed to have pictures taken with Duffy and Bugs Bunny! And the police academy show was so hilarious!

23/11/2007~ The last theme park was the most thrilling one given my love to water- Wet 'n' Wild ... water slides eg Blackhole, Mach 5, Tornado, Aqua Racer etc filled my day even though I admit that I have swallowed a lot of water in the process... LOL...

This is the wave pool...

24/11/2007~ Who can claim that he or she has been to Gold Coast without a trip to Surfer's Paradise? The fine sand and the gentle slope of the beach enabled us to wade into the water and enjoyed the cooling sea water under the scroching sun... We also windowshopped in the famous Cavill Mall... If it's not because of the schoolies events, we would have visited the weekly market as well...

25/11/2007~ As always, we went shooping again, this time to the humongous Pacific Fair. I bought 3 Tees from Jay Jays... And I love the decorations in the mall with a playground and a lotus pond...Then, we all bid farewell to Queensland finally..

But, instead of resting in College Square, we went around and explored the city-- Williamstown ,Melbourne Central, Melbourne Museum, Sunday Market at Arts Centre, Royal Botanical Garden, Chinatown (mostly for the food!), Queen Victoria Market (for souvenirs and American doughtnut!)...

It sounds like I am really an enthusiastic traveller!

I am finally flyingback to Malaysia tomorrow..Wish me a safe journey! And, yet again, I am going to spend half a day visiting Singapore!

Monday, November 12, 2007



Saturday, November 10, 2007


I guess that almost everyone had grumbled at some point of time that exam stress was too overwhelming....a lot of people fell sick eg Dilys and some others suffered from insomnia or even temporary for me, i was just dreading the seemingly endless 3 weeks of swot vac...i was "imprisoned" in my room and really wanted to have a getaway yet was overcome by i mugged and mugged and mugged and bored myself almost to death!

However, when I finished my exam yesterday, I found that I am so hardwired into the studying mode that I find it hard to relax...I am now learning how to be in a holiday mood! First rule of the holiday, sleep as late as you can and wake up at least after noon (meaning that I got to skip brekky ;) ).... catch up with all the TV series( love you, DC ++ ! )slack and procrastinate....lose my sense of shows till I fall

So far, the holiday has been promising...I can't wait to go to Gold Coast (countdown: 6 days!!!) and go home to meet mom and so many friends back in Malaysia!!! And I have to get my driving licence( me, clumsy me....hope that will be pretty easy..) I have already researched on the theme parks this morning and I think we will go and have the best time in our lives-- White Water World, Dreamworld, Wet n Wild, Seaworld, Warner Bros and I come!!!!

Well, today, Ryan, Jessica, Yu Wan, Chau Wang and I cooked for all the original Misu members and Augusta as long as her friends.... We are really grateful that they provided us with a sense of belonging in Australia by arranging a nice reunion dinner on CNY eve or else I think I might be sobbing secretly under my blanket!!! As usual, we cooked a lot....we were only up to the first dish when it was 12.30pm while I was still busy finalising the batik cake! We all rushed madly, cooking, washing, marinating, fetching utensils, setting up the dining table and chairs... And then, we received the life-saving call that Augusta is going to be a bit late....phew...we gave a sigh of relieve ananimously...We really had quality time together, bonding and joking all the way to around 4pm...Augusta was telling us that we will become slimmer once we got back to Malysia but I really think I will disagree on that as mom, dad and aunt are going to feed and feed and feed me!!! And it was really amazing that most of them can remember my name!

of course, being Misu, there is always plenty of photo time!!!! Everyone was so relaxed and contented and i really hope that we can all stay this way...friends forever, guys! =)

Odd enough, I still wake up so early even though I slept late these few days, not that I set the alarm clock the night before, but I think that's because I really have good quality sleep... and I feel so energetic!!!! So, that explains why I am writing blog so early in the morning...

I am almost done with my packing already...The piling boxes look really intimidating though...I never know that I have got so many things!!! My room is now in a disarray with very limited space to move about...
too bad I forgot where did I put my "before" picture of my room...

Today is Sunday, where should I go? Erm...let's wait for the others to wake up first =P

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt