Tuesday, December 25, 2007


No Christmas celebration is complete without a hearty feast!!!!

Uncle Tan booked a table at a local restaurant for the whole family to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas...
What a loving couple! And of course the hosts!!!!
We had a sumptuous 3 course dinner...yum!!!!!

I finally persuade mom to take a picture with me....she is definitely camera shy o...

The menu:
  1. Entree--Seafood cocktail, cream of shark fin soup and grilled fish mattre d' hótel
  2. Main-- Turkey cordon bleu, grilled prawns, buttered cream mixed veggie, Chinese fried rice, rarsley potatoes and tossed green salad
  3. Dessert--chocolate cream cake
And I absolutely love the mural in the restaurant!!!
And...well, since I am in Malaysia, there is always lucky draw! But, erm... I never have the luck...lol...
Uncle was asked to pick out the lucky ones...

Afterwards, we headed home and had an awesome countdown!!
Merry Christmas and my heartfelt gratitude to uncle and aunt for the fabulous Christmas !!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fellow meddies!!!!


I know I am not the first one to discover this but check this out, my fellow meddies!!!!

I am sure you will laugh till you sides ache!!!!









邓丽君甜甜的歌声与优美的旋律令我不禁想:“难道年轻人就不能爱上老歌吗? ”

I am on drugs!!!!

Well, the usual anti-histamine that I used to take--Ezede does not work well, so now, I have 3 kind of drugs to alleviate my suffering!

There is Flixonase aqueous nasal spray every morning. It claims not to have any systemic effect. The liquid squirted into my nostrils can be really disgusting as it feels like mucus flowing out from my nose. So, I have to lie down and let the drug flows into my nose the first thing when I wake up in the morning.

Then I can have a more potent pill-- Zyrtec-D if I sneeze non-stop. This drug can be sedative though. But I am glad that I have not even opened the packet so far =)

The last resort is Afrin nasal spray...o.....I know about the active ingredient-- oxymetazoline! (It should be some sorta alpha adrenoceptor antagonist...). It can last up to 12 hours but I am not really keen on that as aunt reminded me about the possible allergic reaction to it....

Then, when I was visiting gram yesterday, I suddenly realised the amount of drugs she is on--aspirin, stabilon and a couple more for her angina, hypertension and high LDL level.

Food for thought-- is the advent of technology in the health industry reversing Darwinian revolution?!?! just random...

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I thought that I have finally gotten rid of my sneezing problem in the morning...yet a trip back to Malaysia proved it wrong...I used to depend a lot on anti-histamine as I just stop sneezing for the whole morning!!! Then when I was studying in Australia, I did not even realise that I had stop sneezing until mom asked about it during a long distance call back home...aunt said that's because we are living in a valley, so we are more prone to have allergy...


Therefore, I have forgotten about how irritating that feels, how I feel like wrenching my nose just to end my suffering each morning! Now the agony has returned to haunt me, yet that was a Hobson's choice as I will have to return and stay here after I complete my tertiary education. I am willing to relinquish anything, anything at all to save myself from the unpleasantness of sneezing!

Any dust-related activities are just my taboo~sweeping the floor, dusting the house even to the extent of retrieving stuff from the cupboard!

Unfortunately, my sneezing problem has worsened day by day and the ever-present noise in the house is none-other than~


Friday, December 14, 2007

Nice job!

I have always thought that driving is such a chore and I have the preconceived idea that I won't even be able to control the clutch at all for my first attempt at driving! Out of utter astonishment, I did it! It's not as hard as I thought! Perhaps that was because my instructor was experienced and knew exactly what I should do...

It felt so satisfying to be able to control the car! But, of course I was just driving as slow as a turtle at that moment. Actually, I was a little unnerved before I began as I saw a middle aged woman crashed into two pillars when I was waiting for my turn!!!

I think I just require more practice at maneuvering the car as I was not really sure about how much should I turn the steering and put my car back on the right track.

Nice job!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I thought I would have missed home more than my life in Australia, yet my feelings prove me wrong...somehow, I miss so much the time I managed to hang out with my friends..perhaps it's because I have been pretty much "grounded" at home as the family car was sent to be serviced...

I want to complete the puzzle for my summer holiday!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

One Down!

Yeah! The undang exam hurdle is over! Time to drive!! Broom...broom!!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My driving lesson #1

True enough, the undang lesson was so sleep inducing and I seriously could not think of a more subtle adjective for that...It was a harsh reminder of the difference betwwen Malaysian and Australian time and a statement about how efficient the Malaysian system is...

Wish me luck for my Undang exam on Monday! Happy reading the 500 MCQs!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today is my second day back in Malaysia... Guess what have I done the most so far in Malaysia? Eat, eat and eat!!!

Mom cooked so much for me and I do not even have a single moment being peckish! In just 2 days, I had pancake, roti canai, economy fried bee hoon, curry (really spicy!truly malaysian, not Australian!), pudding, macademia, tonic, Hainan chicken rice and I have started to wonder: people always say that people become fat staying in Australia but I say it is the other way round!!!

And I am so lazy to keep fit!!! I am announced spoilt at home!!!

Hope that I won't become a plump girl at the time I am back in Melbourne!!

My first Tag!!

I am finally back at home and am currently downloading a lot of stuff off internet because these are all free!!! I have just realised that I have so many photos to look through and this tag took me 2 hours!!!

As promised, I am doing Jess's tag:

1) The most recent picture of yours!

I was in KTM back from Singapore to Kluang...

2) A picture of you making a peace sign

This is Wiggles World in Dream WOrld, Gold Coast! I have so many pictures with the peace sign and this is the most colourful one...

3) A picture of you with your FRIENDS

This was taken after a whole afternoon of frisbee and captain's ball in the field at Monash Sport...

4) A picture of you at a weird/random place

This was in the Museum in Brisbane. I didn't know there was a redback above me until after the photo was taken...scary...in case you don't know, I really freak out with the presence of spider

5) A picture of you in black and white

Picture courtesy of Jessica on the way back from William Ricketts Sanctuary...

6) A picture of you and your hair tied up

Thanks Er Jie for tying my hair!!! Muaks...

7) A picture of you with a weird face

Momma!!!! Dino!!!!

8) A picture of you wearing BLACK coloured shirt

This is Pacific Fair in Gold Coast, near Broad Beach...Believe it or not, this is in a shopping center...gorgeous, isn't it?

9) A picture of you wearing RED coloured shirt

This is just outside of Campus Center in Monash University, Clayton campus...taken the same day as the one in Jess's tag =p

10) A picture of you wearing GREEN coloured shirt

This was not just for posing! I did drink some of the beer... and if you notice, my face has started to flush!

11) A picture of you with your Halloween costume

I wanted to attend a Halloween party this year but sadly, I think Aussies aren't a big fan of this T_T

12) A picture of you with your mouth wide open

Erm.... I don't have any with my mouth open...so I guess this counts ?!?!

13) A picture of you in your formal attire

The only one photo with Western formal attire was put on by Jess.. so i put the uniquely Malysian one taken during our first Merdeka Day in Aussie...

14) A picture of you at the beach

I have been to so manybeaches in just one year-- in Melbourne, Brighton Beach, Black Rock Beach and Williamstown Beach; in Sydney, Bondi Beach&Manly Beach; in Gold Coast, Main Beach and Surfer's Paradise... yet the most pristine seawater and the finest sand is in none other than Surfer's Paradise!!! Look at the gentle slope of the beach!!! I could actually surfed at where I stood when the wave comes!

15) A family portrait of yours

I don't have any digitalised ones...hehe...so this is me and my aunt's family. They treat me like their own child =)

Since I suffered so much doing this, I TAG YOU!!!! wakaka....
  1. Ping Cheng
  2. Ryan
  3. Li Li

Happy doing the tag =p

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