Tuesday, December 25, 2007


No Christmas celebration is complete without a hearty feast!!!!

Uncle Tan booked a table at a local restaurant for the whole family to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas...
What a loving couple! And of course the hosts!!!!
We had a sumptuous 3 course dinner...yum!!!!!

I finally persuade mom to take a picture with me....she is definitely camera shy o...

The menu:
  1. Entree--Seafood cocktail, cream of shark fin soup and grilled fish mattre d' hótel
  2. Main-- Turkey cordon bleu, grilled prawns, buttered cream mixed veggie, Chinese fried rice, rarsley potatoes and tossed green salad
  3. Dessert--chocolate cream cake
And I absolutely love the mural in the restaurant!!!
And...well, since I am in Malaysia, there is always lucky draw! But, erm... I never have the luck...lol...
Uncle was asked to pick out the lucky ones...

Afterwards, we headed home and had an awesome countdown!!
Merry Christmas and my heartfelt gratitude to uncle and aunt for the fabulous Christmas !!!!!

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