Friday, December 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today is my second day back in Malaysia... Guess what have I done the most so far in Malaysia? Eat, eat and eat!!!

Mom cooked so much for me and I do not even have a single moment being peckish! In just 2 days, I had pancake, roti canai, economy fried bee hoon, curry (really spicy!truly malaysian, not Australian!), pudding, macademia, tonic, Hainan chicken rice and I have started to wonder: people always say that people become fat staying in Australia but I say it is the other way round!!!

And I am so lazy to keep fit!!! I am announced spoilt at home!!!

Hope that I won't become a plump girl at the time I am back in Melbourne!!


nh said...

No la..won't become plump one. Even if you do, when you go back to Melbourne, missing all the home-cooked food you will turn slim again.. :P

Dr Yingzangel said...

lol...thx for your confidence in me o...tmr i am going to listen to the undang thingy alry...

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