Friday, December 7, 2007

My first Tag!!

I am finally back at home and am currently downloading a lot of stuff off internet because these are all free!!! I have just realised that I have so many photos to look through and this tag took me 2 hours!!!

As promised, I am doing Jess's tag:

1) The most recent picture of yours!

I was in KTM back from Singapore to Kluang...

2) A picture of you making a peace sign

This is Wiggles World in Dream WOrld, Gold Coast! I have so many pictures with the peace sign and this is the most colourful one...

3) A picture of you with your FRIENDS

This was taken after a whole afternoon of frisbee and captain's ball in the field at Monash Sport...

4) A picture of you at a weird/random place

This was in the Museum in Brisbane. I didn't know there was a redback above me until after the photo was case you don't know, I really freak out with the presence of spider

5) A picture of you in black and white

Picture courtesy of Jessica on the way back from William Ricketts Sanctuary...

6) A picture of you and your hair tied up

Thanks Er Jie for tying my hair!!! Muaks...

7) A picture of you with a weird face

Momma!!!! Dino!!!!

8) A picture of you wearing BLACK coloured shirt

This is Pacific Fair in Gold Coast, near Broad Beach...Believe it or not, this is in a shopping center...gorgeous, isn't it?

9) A picture of you wearing RED coloured shirt

This is just outside of Campus Center in Monash University, Clayton campus...taken the same day as the one in Jess's tag =p

10) A picture of you wearing GREEN coloured shirt

This was not just for posing! I did drink some of the beer... and if you notice, my face has started to flush!

11) A picture of you with your Halloween costume

I wanted to attend a Halloween party this year but sadly, I think Aussies aren't a big fan of this T_T

12) A picture of you with your mouth wide open

Erm.... I don't have any with my mouth I guess this counts ?!?!

13) A picture of you in your formal attire

The only one photo with Western formal attire was put on by Jess.. so i put the uniquely Malysian one taken during our first Merdeka Day in Aussie...

14) A picture of you at the beach

I have been to so manybeaches in just one year-- in Melbourne, Brighton Beach, Black Rock Beach and Williamstown Beach; in Sydney, Bondi Beach&Manly Beach; in Gold Coast, Main Beach and Surfer's Paradise... yet the most pristine seawater and the finest sand is in none other than Surfer's Paradise!!! Look at the gentle slope of the beach!!! I could actually surfed at where I stood when the wave comes!

15) A family portrait of yours

I don't have any digitalised this is me and my aunt's family. They treat me like their own child =)

Since I suffered so much doing this, I TAG YOU!!!! wakaka....
  1. Ping Cheng
  2. Ryan
  3. Li Li

Happy doing the tag =p

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*jeSSicA* said...

ur first tag..haha..thank me for it =P

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