Friday, December 14, 2007

Nice job!

I have always thought that driving is such a chore and I have the preconceived idea that I won't even be able to control the clutch at all for my first attempt at driving! Out of utter astonishment, I did it! It's not as hard as I thought! Perhaps that was because my instructor was experienced and knew exactly what I should do...

It felt so satisfying to be able to control the car! But, of course I was just driving as slow as a turtle at that moment. Actually, I was a little unnerved before I began as I saw a middle aged woman crashed into two pillars when I was waiting for my turn!!!

I think I just require more practice at maneuvering the car as I was not really sure about how much should I turn the steering and put my car back on the right track.

Nice job!


nh said...

You will LOVE the feeling of freedom and being in control after you master driving then. Seriously.

Dr Yingzangel said... are really fast! Are you really that free at home??? lol...then write more blog for me to leave comments as well!! lol...

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