Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enchanted Maze and Sorrento 一日游


当我到达Enchanted Maze 的时候,虽然天气事万般的寒冷,但当我一见到迷宫的时候,什么也被抛到九霄云外去了!

就吸引我的不就是那 Maize Maze。 在那用玉蜀黍做成的迷宫里,我找回了一直住在我心中的孩子。好久都没有肆无顾忌得绕着田野奔跑的感觉。顿时,觉得自己年轻了好多。当我第一次进入迷宫时,风不停地在我耳边呼啸着,玉蜀黍随着风婆娑起舞,煞是好看。好奇心促使我们回答一道又一道的问题,人也渐渐暖和起来了!当我身在迷宫时,虽看不见出口,却心无怯意。第一次虽然成功的抵达出口,但却无法把所有的答案找毕。所以我们不甘示弱,又再回到迷宫里。当我们完成所有的问题是,心里很是甜滋滋的,就像小孩获得糖果那般。

另外一个令我难忘的迷宫就是 Hedge Maze. 这个迷宫高度达三米,深入其中时根本就犹如进入丛林的怀抱里。那里边路线曲折,又有好多分叉路,有好几次根本都迷失了方向感。但我却倍感兴奋,因它使我联想起哈里波特--火焰杯决赛里的迷宫!真的是好梦幻哦!

过后,我们便向 Sorentto 出发。那里是个沿海地区,海水清澈见底,夜间许多海鸟悠哉闲哉的在沙滩边戏水。我们还在那里享用了澳洲沿海地区驰名的 Fish and Chips。 我们交了一份三人套餐,里头有 Whiting 鱼片,还有苏东圈与炸虾球。更有半公斤那么多!虽然心知油炸食物并不健康,但美食当前,也就暂时毫无顾忌了。

p.s. 希望我的华语程度还说得过去。。。

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ryan's 21st birthday

This is the first time I actually spent so much effort cooking!!!!


This is the link of what I cooked :)
I had neither cook salmon nor bake apple pie before.
Birthday Dinner

Another MISU member joins the 21st club!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My condolences

I had barely known him during PCLs. But Thomas Klos did not look like the kind of person who would leave the world so early. He was smart to begin with and was active in class, asking questions and communicating well with his fellow PCL mates.

My friend, RIP.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Is this autumn?

People always complain, at least I do!

I had been grumbling about how cold it was when I first arrived in Melbourne 2 weeks ago. I did not even had a chance to try on the summer clothes that I brought back from home! I wondered if I should fix the fan.

Yet, Melbourne has been showing its true colours to me recently. It has been obnoxiously hot and I constantly feel the need to immerse myself in cold water. My fan is on 24/7 as my room receives the 'blessing' of sunlight every evening. My skin burns during the walk back to the residential halls. I wanted so badly to scream, to bring this weather to a halt.
Find the 3 hidden fans in the room!

But it is not all that bad. Afterall, I have a valid excuse to gobble down ice-cream and 'ogle' at girls who dress so ever skimpily ...what a visual-gustatory feast :p


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Birthday marathon!They have just turned 21...

We had been celebrating quite a lot of birthdays recently since we are back in Melbourne!You may think birthday celebrations are all routine stuff eg singing birthday songs and eating cakes, but I think I can prove you wrong.

25th feb- We were running out of ideas about how to surprise Yeu Sheng on her birthday.Little did we know that the secret meeting plan was accidentally exposed by Calvin. Imagine her hiding behind the crowd to give us a giant surprise!No wonder some of the people were acting so suspicious.

28th feb-Our er jie is still as blur as ever. Even the encounter with Shea Chuen and Justina in the halls did not arouse her suspicion. She let us to wither under the cold weather with the fireworks standing by just before Deakin pasta night. And we eventually consumed an ash-ladened cake!

1st mar-Ivie was met with a surprise party with old coursemates in Sunway University College. While she was away for church stuff, we arrived 2 hours earlier to set up everything. Friends from as far as the Melbourne city were here, even Ee Liang who had never been to Monash before. We had a good reunion of course and the party ended with a campus tour for my friends from Melbourne University!

Happy birthday Yeu Sheng, Chean Ying and Ivie!

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