Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to stop sleeping in lectures!

Have breakfast... even if you don't feel hungry.
Eat every three to four hours
Fill up on more fiber.
Fuel your brain with omega-3s.
Stay hydrated.
Watch caffeine intake after noon.
Splash some water on your face or take a shower when you're feeling burned-out.
Suit up in a "power" outfit to beat the blahs.
Vent your feelings
Turn on some tunes.
Let go of grudges.
Take belly breaths.
De-clutter a corner.
Do some good
Cut back on TV and computer time after 8 p.m.
Hide your alarm clock.
Give your pet his own separate sleeping space.
Lower the thermostat.
Skip the nightcap.
Get your exercise
Follow the 15-minute rule.
Write down your worries

from webmd.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am 21 !!!

Time really flies. I do not feel like I am 21 already. Well, the most important thing is to be young at the heart!

I wish to thank my friends for celebrating for me. I had 3 surprises this year.

On the last night in Bairnsdale, Sally, Gil, Brendan, Yu Wan, Daniel Lee and Lau, Yeu Sheng and Chean Ying made an ice-cream cake! Leo, a 4th year senior was there as well. I am so glad that I have met so many nice people during rural this year. I really enjoyed it so much!

They broke a bowl for the cake!

They are the group of friends who brought about so much laughter during rural placement.

When I came back to Clayton, MISU held a celebration in Rusden Nando's. I was so surprised that Sheryl, Li Ping and Adilah were there as well! We had a sumptuous feast on roast chicken.

It seems like i have a lot of presents this year!

Ryan also gave me some a big surprise by decorating my room and bought me a necklace, a bouquet of pink roses, as well as a nice photo frame!

Besides that, I have also received a lot of birthday wishes from the following friends: Sharon, Ivy, Christina, Lester, Wan Jie, John, Zepeng (surprisingly!), Chew Siang, Yong Wee, Kuan Yuen.

I love my birthday cards from Yu Wan, Li Suan, Daniel Lee, Sally, Gil, Leo and Brendan.

And of course, I want to thank Brendan mummy for the muffin that he baked! And Yu Wan again for the book -- Captivating!

Thank you everyone! I am so touched!

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