Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Olympic medal in the bag for Malaysia: I WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH, SAYS CHONG WEI

World champion Lin Dan, the fanatical crowd at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium and even possible under-handed tactics will not stop Chong Wei in his bid to bring home Malaysia's first ever Olympic gold medal.Chong Wei said he owes it to himself, coach Misbun Sidek and Malaysia to give the final his best shot.

He spoke like a man who wants to see his destiny fulfilled and that was a powerful tool against South Korea's Lee Hyun Il in yesterday's semi-final, as the South Korean gave the match everything he had.That was the reason for Chong Wei's wobble in the second game but the Malaysian held on to win 21-18, 13-21, 21-13 in 62 minutes, a win which assures that Beijing will not be the tragedy that the Athens edition of 2004 was.

"I have reached the final and that, by itself, is a triumph as there have been so many upsets in the tournament. The pressure was immense but I kept my focus for most of the match."I couldn't sleep as the semi-final preyed on my mind throughout yesterday (Thursday) and today (yesterday) but I was determined to make it," said Chong Wei.

The first game proved his intent as he raced to a 6-3 lead and maintained a healthy distance of several points before winning 21-18.That, said coach Misbun Sidek, almost proved his undoing in the second game."Having won the first, Chong Wei became impatient and started making mistakes," said Misbun.So many that Hyun Il even took 10 points in a row to lead 16-7."It was too wide a lead for me to chase and I felt I would stand a better chance in the decider," said Chong Wei, as he surrendered 21-13.Then came a vital two minutes with Misbun, who warned him to not let Hyun Il take a healthy lead in the decider.

The words had the desired effect as Chong Wei started with a roar and left Hyun Il nowhere to hide, even leading 10-3 as his netplay, drop shots and smashes found their mark.Chong Wei knew a place in the final was his for sure when he led 15-10, finally winning 21-13."The final means so much to me. I have sacrificed so much and this is, firstly, for me. My coach needs it too for he has been a pillar and Malaysia needs it because of the support I have been given."With Lin Dan, as expected, progressing easily with a 21-12, 21-18 win over compatriot Chen Jin, Chong Wei knows no stone will be left unturned to make the China star the champion.

"Let them do what they want to do because I am in the final and I will fight. The gold medal means my life and I won't chicken out. Malaysia can be assured of that."

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