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Friday, November 7, 2008

LATE updates...

I had been burying myself in the midst of books for my finals. I had to sit for 2 written paper- one for second year finals and the other one for both first and second year materials (VIA) and also one practical(OSCE). It had all been so stressful and I could hardly find time to breathe. But it is all over now! I admit that I am not all so confident about the result for VIA but I am just thankful that I have gone through everything without breaking down. I have heard from the seniors that second and fourth years are the most stressful ones due to the ever increasing amount of assignments as well as the VIA paper.

I am so blessed to have mom and Ryan who are always providing me support. Yu Wan, as always, cooked for us. xoxo!!!! Fawn also baked muffins for us!


SO, finally I can sweep the 'dust' away from my blog!

I should have blogged about my rural placement 6 months ago but somehow I totally put that at the back of my mind! My experience in Bairnsdale was really awesome. I managed to follow tha social worker to a nursing home and chatted with some patients with mental issues. I also got my first chance to inject a real patient, not a mannequin arm! I was a bit daunted at first since he was a schizophrenic but he was so amiable that I had to thank him for letting me to inject his medication. I also went to the famous Buchan cave. Of course Bairnsdale was where I met some really approachable seniors-- Leo and Su Lynn.

This was my accomodation-- a 4 star resort!

Brendan taught me how to fish! This tiny guy bit on the hook in less than 5 minutes after I casted my rod into the lake in the first photo...

The autumn scenery around Buchan Cave...

The stalactites and stalacmites in the cave!

More pictures from Yu Wan's facebook...

Bairnsdale 1




As for my hospital attachment, it will be in Dandenong hospital next year. I was so keen to get into The Alfred but it was really a popular choice. Dandenong is a small hospital but I heard that staff there are really helpful to 'lost' third year students. I am just so excited about next year! Some of the head of the hospitals briefed us on hospital life and told us that patients may just decide to call us doctors.... ^^ So I will be Dr. Ho next year!!!!!!!!!! But I will definitely miss the Deakinians...thanks for giving me a wonderful time this year

This is the photo for our recent gathering in Nandos...

I also attended Yee Herng's graduation ceremony in La Trobe University last month. The journey was a good 2 hours from Monash. Ryan was with me and we had a good time enjoying the architecture of the campus and also talking to Yee Herng and her family. It maybe too late a wish, still-- Happy graduation, Yee Herng! I wish I have graduated too!

These are the pictures from Facebook...

Its time to slack and find a house for next year! Maybe I should get a car...

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