Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why must I always get suntanned before I come back to Malaysia?

Jessica, Yu Wan, Ryan and I headed to Perth. Theoretically, we did not spend a single cent on the airfare because the flight was a ‘transit’ back to Malaysia. I also wished to thank Ling Weng (she stayed back in Perth for us!) and Bryan who were our hononary tourguides! We also had 5 star accomodation at the 7 bedroom house which Jia Huei, Yee Fang, Yi Jia and the others shared for FREE!!! Thanks Yi Jia for letting us to stay in your room ^^

I can’t imagine how cheap public transport in Perth is! International students are eligible for concession rate there unlike in Melbourne. So, to illustrate, Melbournians need $2.80 to go to the city but Perthians only need $0.77! And the ‘City Cats’ are free for anyone to tour around the city!Amazing, eh?

Day 1
City Tour
London Court is a street with UK architecture. It reminded me of the view in Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia.

Kings park is the place where we can obtain a bird-eye view of the Perth city.

Grass is Perth is definitely lusher and greener than in Melbourne. We enjoyed lying and sitting on the grass so much so that we took quite a lot of pictures there.
After lunch, we stopped by and had Twin Tower from Icey-Ice – the popular dessert in Perth.

The famous Swan Bell tower in Perth is the largest musical instrument I have ever seen!

I posed with the xmas deco in the city :p

We then waited for quite a long time just to taste the food in Ciao Italia. Everyone gobbled down the food when the palatable Italian dishes finally arrived. It’s worth the wait though.

Day 2
Rottnest Island adventure

Since Jessica does not know how to cycle, we split into 2 groups- Jess and Yu Wan boarded the hop on and off bus whereas Ryan and I rented bike each. Ling Weng and the others recommended us to cycle since this is the most popular and unique way to explore the whole island. I was amazed by my own stamina since I hardly ever pushed my bike up the steep slopes. We cycled from 11am to around 3pm and managed to reach West End. The scenery was breath-taking!

Quokka is the name of the cute marsupial!

We even had a dip in the Basin. It was hot summer but the water was icy cold.

Our guides busied themselves by preparing a sumptous dinner for us.

Day 3
Swan Valley self-guided trip

Ryan was of course the driver again. We tasted so much wine that everyone was tipsy by the end of the visit to Sandalford- the largest winery in Swan valley.

Why did everyone posed so weirdly?LOL...

We also visited Margaret River Choclate co. but we found nothing too special about the chocolate there. Lunch was my first fine dining experience in the midst of lush greenery in a winery called Oakover.

There were so much flavour for soft nougat to be tasted in Mondo Nougat factory too. We also visited the oldest yet the most modern winery in Swan Valley—OliveFarm.
The day ended with a quick dinner with the familiar roast pork and duck  and then a tour to the University of Western Australia and also night view at the famous Millpoint.

Moon sun rise!!! (Bryan Lau 2008) We accidentally saw this and this was when the moon was nearest to the earth in 33 years!

Day 4
Fremantle seafood and market
Smelling sea breeze and enjoying fresh seafood is the best combination! The portion was huge and it was really satisfying. Nonetheless, we continued to have dessert at Joe’s—the mouth-watering and rich chocolate brownies (a whooping $10!).

The market, however, was more or less like Victorian market in Melbourne. But, it has a display of more creative handicrafts.

Day 5
A relaxing finish
We accompanied our excellent tour guide- Ling Weng for a shopping spree. Despite that, Jess and I each bought some clothes and Ling Weng went back empty-handed.
In return for their kindness, the Melbournians prepared a farewell dinner to all our friends in Perth. We also bought a gift each to our worthy tour guides.
And this drew a perfect ending to our stay in Perth.

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