Saturday, December 12, 2009



还发现了加油很够吸力的ducted vaccum 与surveillance camera, 还有自动门的车房,又有sprinkler,真是不错!



客厅(Ravind and Jian 将会买沙发,所以现在还是空空的。)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My studentship@MIMR

This will be the place where I spent most of my time during summer holiday.

I have met lots of lovely researchers here who has been helping me along the way. And I particularly love the fact the analogy' "Doing research is like baking. Just follow the recipe."

So far, I have re-learnt how to do PCR and electrophoresis. However, this time round I have more freedom to setup machines and things like that. I have used pippettes, homogeniser, centrifuge, PCR machine etc. My supervisor CK has also started me on RNA analysis.

I was also brought to the animal house on Monday to observe weighing and changing the feeds for the mice. In the coming weeks, I will be trained to handle mice and to perform dissections on them. Time to learn mouse anatomy! Hopefully, it won't be too different from human anatomy :)

There are a lot to learn and I will learn them all. I really enjoy my studentship very much. And the icing on the cake--I get some financial rewards for this.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Post-exam laziness

I am officially done with 3rd year MBBS!

However, there is too much activities post-exam.
I seriously don't know where to fit all of them in.

There's paintball, Malaysian gathering, PFE, shopping, meeting up with cousin. And of course, I am moving this Sunday!

Sounds like a fruitful week.LOL.

Don't know how much will get done though :p

Starting my research next Monday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Funniest lecture notes!

After baffling my mind with various complications of blood transfusion, I saw this on the last slide.

Not sure how relevant it is to the content of the lecture. But having a good laugh is so essential during this stressful time.

Sorry, Yu Wan. I don't think this is a good way to pray too :p

The first slide of GN lecture says:

What is a human but an ingenious machine designed to turn, with "infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine.
--Isak Dinesen : -Seven Gothic Tales



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What if...

What if being cruel to others will definitely end your suffering?
Will you still do it?

What defines selfishness and what determines the need for oneself to stop being manipulated due to kindness?

Is altruism possible?

I am perturbed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sore arm!

I almost forgot how terrifying it is to receive an injection. After all, it was almost always me who has to jab someone else. Time to reflect on myself. I have probably horrified some patients :p

I have just received the free swine flu vaccine an hour ago. I remembered telling the nurse that the vaccine was of Fanta colour. Just to distract myself from feeling the needle. Surprisingly, it did not hurt as much as the annual FluVax.

I still have a sore arm now. So much so for my plan of going for a swim later :(
p.s. Maybe I can do breast stroke!(adapted from blonde jokes)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Embark 4th year

Suffice to say, I am contented with my 4th year placements.

Miraculously, Ryan and I got all the same hospitals besides for Women's Health. A bit disappointed but it was so competitive. Some of the students were even offered whole year rural placement against their wishes.

My placements:
1st Sem: Paeds at Frankston, then O&G at Boxhill(with Iris!!! ^^)
2nd Sem: GP(hopefully it's within walking distance from our house), then Psych at THE Alfred(lol. The best rotation just before the finals->It will realy stress me out! )

I have got all my first preference, so there is no way that I can complain..haha...
And I am sure I will see lots of new faces next year because I had a glimpse and found out heaps of unfamiliar names on the lists.

Anyhow, the hospitals are scattered all around Melbourne so I will have a good time travelling to and fro.

As for now, I need to focus on the exam. Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

End of year

Stress has definitely been building up. I can see, smell, sense and taste it everywhere.

The medical students are worried about both the written paper and OSCE(given that we will NOT have stems provided a week before).

Less and less students are staying back late on the wards. You can see people reading during lunch or holing up the library.

Everyone wants their PBL to be finished ASAP. Lots of revision sessions for common clinical problems and clinical skills are being held.

No more lazy weekends because we have just realised that we haven't learnt enough for the exam. Such as the norm year after year because there is no 'enough' in medicine.

Why Study For Exams.... Are they not about what you know, not about how much you can cram into your head the night before?

The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance
--Percy Bysshe Shelley

If one studies too zealously, one easily loses his pants.
--Albert Einstein

Thursday, October 1, 2009

l.o.v.e from everyone at home

Thanks anut for sharing such a nice poem...

The secret is within u.
and the more u use the power(think wat u wan, u become) within u,
the more u will draw it to u.
u will reach a point where u wont nid to practice anymore, bcos

u will be the power,
u will be the perfection,
u will be the wisdom,
u will be the intelligence,
u will be the love,
u will be the joy...

The earth turns on its orbit for u
the oceans ebb n flow for u
the birds sing for u
the sun rises n it sets for u
the stars come out for u
every beautiful thing u c,
every wondrous thing u experience,
is all there,
for u
take a look around
none of it can exists, without u
no matter who u tot u were,
now u know the Truth of Who u really r.
u r the master of the universe
u r the heir to the kingdom
u r the perfection of life
now u know the secret

by rhonda byrne
the secret
to teen power

jus to share after reading ha

jus for tis time
bye n take care
l.o.v.e from everyone at home

Friday, September 11, 2009


Akshay started the game Assasin amongst the Dandenong students.

And I got killed on the first day.

Hashrul lied that there was a tute organised and Ryan and I had to follow different registrars. I was a bit suspicious at first but trusted him and got killed...gah....what a bummer. But it's getting interesting watching others playing..haha

Finally got my phone back and memory card replaced! Yay!

Starting in colorectal ward next monday. It should be pretty interesting as it's one of the biggest unit in Southern Health.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The cutest USB I've seen

Today was the opening day for our student lounge after we have been using it since the start of the semester. We had a great tea time and of course freebies ^^ And I bet no one could resist the temptation of owning one of those cute surgeon USBs.

I got bored while studying for hand examination. Therefore, show time!
*Sorry for the poor quality. I took it using my old phone*

My Dr.USB without his head.

Dr. USB running towards a MET call.

Dr. USB saving the pretty patient.

Dr.USB compared with my normal USB.

Dr. USB taking a photo in front of his 'house'

p.s. Bro, it's soooo cute! Too bad I couldn't get you one :( All the best in your exams and assignments! I will teach you to cook whenever you decide to come over^^

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Saturday is the day to relax and rejuvenate myself from the intensive learning exercises in a clinical environment. But 2 incidents nearly ruined it.

1. On the way back from grocery shopping this morning, a car was going to turn out from the driveway into the street. I was driving on the street. I saw the driver looking at my direction. Somehow, the driver did not see me and decide to just swerve the car out. I panicked and jammed the brakes. And then blasted my honk. And shrieked. Fortunately, no one was injured. I was just 1minute drive away from home.

2. On the way back from playing badminton, Ryan was cruising along Princes Highway. This red car stopped at a small junction, waiting to turn into the highway. The driver turned and stared at Ryan. And as if he did not see our car at all, he started to turn SLOWLY into the highway. We were driving 80km/h on the highway. Having quick reflexes, Ryan sounded the car horn and pressed the brakes with all his might. I was screaming and I could hear the tires screeching. Good timing to test the brakes after the 6 monthly service. Our car just managed to stop 5cm
away from the mindless driver's.

Often, people tend to think that they should be safe as long as they obey the traffic laws. But what if you just happened to meet poeple who haven't brought their brain along while they are driving? It's not just a matter of money, it concerns life and death.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yet Another Friday

I wanted to finish all my MCRs this week yet I only managed to finish one:(

One of the doctors was not free and one of the patients just disappeared.

Anyhow, I just started to play waka-waka(FB version of Pacman yesterday) and I shall say it's extremely addictive!

p.s. Finish 10% of the year this week, half of what I expected..haha...maybe I am too ambitious

by the way, I love Soul Eater!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Windy day...take II

I clerked a patient this morning for tutorial on Friday. She must have told so many people about what happened that she knew exactly what to tell me.

Our group then had a suturing workshop. We sutured pig throttles which smelled a little bit too meaty at times. But it was completely different from suturing synthetic skin. And I conquered my fear by opening an ampoule! Nothing to boast about, I am too excited^^

Please don't rain :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainy day

Today was a gloomy day. Rain all the way. The wind nearly blew my umbrella away. My PBL notes were nearly drenched :( Heard that there was a trauma case happening at ED but I was most probably not welcomed.

Sunday was an MCR-preparation day. I had to revised Talley book (Again!). But MCR was awesome with Dr Jenny Wong:)

I had been craving for all sorts of food recently. Wondering why. And I am hungry all the time :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Saturday

Ryan and I had breakfast with Adriel, Jun Ren and his girlfriend at Mackers this morning. Finally got to meet the famous Jessica.haha. We had fun catching up.

We then played badminton in the afternoon. By wearing contact lenses, I thought my accuracy would improve. However, to my dismay, I could not play well at all. It must be due to the fact that I have been training with my glasses. Anyways, I had fun running on a threadmill afterwards because I finally remembered to bring my mp3.

Lazy Friday

After Naveen's tute at Monash, I took half a day off and went grocery shopping instead. Just to find a way to slack :p

It's 1/3 through the semester and we have no holiday unlike some of my friends who are already having a nice respite.

Plan for the coming week: do MCR, do MCR, do MCR!

MCR=Mini case record(something like a practical exam if you like)

I promise to use less medical terms, bro :p or I will try to explain them.

Finally, I watched Ice Age 3! And I give 2 thumbs up for that movie :)

Fyi, my preference for 4th year placements are as follows:

O& G:
PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 5Monash Medical Centre - Clayton CampusMetropolitan
2Option 2Box Hill HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 4Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
4Option 6Sandringham & District Memorial HospitalMetropolitan
5Option 3Casey HospitalMetropolitan
6Option 1Angliss HospitalMetropolitan

PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 6Frankston HospitalMetropolitan
2Option 2Box Hill HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 5Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
4Option 3Cabrini HospitalMetropolitan
5Option 4Casey HospitalMetropolitan
6Option 1Angliss HospitalMetropolitan

PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 1Alfred HospitalMetropolitan
2Option 2Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 3Eastern HealthMetropolitan
4Option 4Monash Medical Centre - Clayton CampusMetropolitan

Fingers crossed...I really don't wish to mull over it too much

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sense of achievement

Got 2 nice patients for bedside tute today^^Dinesha was impressed :)

One has a prominent goiter, the other had huge ascites with leuconichya(my first time seeing one)

I also interviewed+examined+performed MMSE on on of the patients in rehab.

Keat also asked me to see patients in the fracture clinic.

Ryan and I also went to IGA to get some groceries. Some of them were amazingly cheap!
I am exhausted yet satisfied^^

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On popular request :p

I have been too lazy to blog since there is little time left besides going to hospital and studying.

Just some quick updates:
I am now attached to rehab so there is absolutely nothing to do in the wards.

I planned to finish my next MCR soon but the registrar went on holiday without informing me :(

My new fifth years aren't all friendly.Some of them think that the 3rd years are invisible.How disappointing. Now I miss Corrine. Kai, give her back!

I may attach myself to another unit for fun^^ since I don't learn much in rehab.

That's it, folks.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

University life

A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students.
- John Ciardi

No more spoon-feeding because we are adults.
Less structured teachings as the faculty encourages self exploration of knowledge.
More assignments that are not relevant to the science of medicine.
No past year questions as the faculty reuses them all the time.
I doubt I know enough anatomy to pass my intern year in the future.
No one cares if you go to hospital or not provided that you submit your MCRs on time and pass your exams.

Just some random thoughts from the quote.

Sunday, August 9, 2009








有时很压力,认为除了读书还是要拼命苦读。 生活有时很黯淡,应为只要稍为落后,就再也追不上了。








Friday, July 31, 2009

It's her again!

Dinesha has made my day^^
She gave us a patient and asked us about the diagnosis after general inspection alone.
And..tada! We all diagnosed Cushings!(playing doctors are not that difficult eh?)
And I did my MCR.Met a young lady with cardiomyopathy with ejection fraction 10% but she was recovering. Kinda depressing.

Bid farewell to some dear ortho registrars, resident and locum. Nice people indeed.

When I reached home, I smelt something burnt.
She did it again :(
She cooked her pot of stuff for the WHOLE DAY!
She did NOT turn off the heater as well.
It's lucky that the house was not turned into ashes.
Now my room smelt like bushfire!
SHE spoiled my day..

I love my friday but not today!

Monday, July 27, 2009

OMG I am on TV!

The latest Australian Story featured Dr Michael Buist, an ICU specialist in Dandenong Hospital. When Ryan and I were having rotations there, the TV crews took some shots during the ward round.

I soon forgot about it until this evening.

An sms from Prashanti, "You and Ryan are on TV!" followed shortly by Leo's. We quickly switched on the TV. And we saw some of our friends(Elliot,Trung, Camy and Leo)and staff at DDH as well.

This is sooo hilarious. I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

1st day in hospital

We had already finished ward round at 8am. Just waiting for the consultant clinic now.

Felt a bit out of place today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd last day of my winter holiday

Yes, I am depressed! Because I have to wake up 6.00am on monday for wardround. Because holiday has come to an end, too abrupt that is. Because I am keen to laze around. Because I like having no plan for the day.

I wish I could have posted something more motivating...LOL...

1/3 through neuro exam for Dinesha's tute on thursday...wish I can be more productive

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kia Ora Aotearoa--The land of long white cloud

Special thanks to our birthday girl (Nooi Hoay)& Ryan (whose passion is travelling) for making the trip so memorable! As usual, we had a huge group-- Daniel& Yeu Sheng, Chau Wang, Nooi Hoay, Shea Chuen, Li Ping, Jessica, Chean Ying, Ryan& I :) Not only did we had a well-scheduled trip, we also shared some secret-sharing sessions :p

We rented 2 cars to go around the country. Li Ping, Jessica, Chean Ying, Ryan and I were in the same car.

Day 1-Zzzzzz @ Christchurch
Due to flight delay, we touched down at 2305! It was raining and there were a couple of glitches. Daniel found his bag torn and Nooi Hoay lost her luggage!

By the time we turned in, it was already 2am.

Day 2-Hanmer Springs
Thanks to Chean Ying's scouting(she asked the 'aunty' selling winter hats in Melbourne), we experienced the first and last snow in NZ on the way to Hanmer Springs.(Apparently, NZ doesn't snow that much!)

It was genial to immerse ourseleves in 40degrees hotspring but trust me, you don't want to go through the frigid bit of leaving the pools with only swimsuit on at 0 degree(the pools were outdoor and it was absolutely gorgeous to be able to take photos with us surrounded by snow)! I literally could not feel my feet even though I was walking on snow. Trusting the beautifying power of sulphur, we dared ourselves to step into the pungent water. Being playful at heart (still!), we also annoyed the lifeguard by trying out funny positions in the water :p

It was our intention to photographed the all magnificent Punakaiki(pancake rocks+blowholes) yet we could only reached there after sunset(at just 5pm!) Because of that, 2more hours were spent driving in vain.

Day 3-Fox glacier+glow worms
I caught a cold from the cold weather :( but this was not enough to deter me from climbing the 3rd largest glacier in the South island.

Besides having to climb steep stairs through the temperate rainforest with the sturdy yet heavy boots provided, we also had to walk stomping into the glacier cladding the ice cleats. I could feel cold air searing into my lungs but it became quite warm afterwards with some walking.

Our guide was very informative as well. Fox glacier had been retreating for some years but it is now growing again. He also explained about various geological formations such as morraine, neve and lakes formed from the melted ice downstream. The lakes have an attractive turquiose hue due to mica deposition.

Instead of joining a glow worm watching trip in Te Anau, we decided to brave into the dark and cold ourseleves. It was amazing to see the tiny ones wrapped in a silk-like cocoon shining so brightly in absolute darkness. We had to form a line by holding each others' hands as we only had the one and only torch from Daniel.

Day 4-Road trip to Queenstown
Having to rise bright and early in the morning, we set out bringing our little picnic to Lake Matheson aka Mirror Lake to watch sunrise. We were told by our glacier guide that this breathtaking view should not be missed. It was pitched dark when we reached with thick frost adhering strongly on all the car windows. And we were lucky to have a worker nearby to point us the route to the lake. No one expected a 20 minute walk to the lake so we had to leave our picnic behind :( Somehow, we could not witness the sun rising between Mt Tasman and Mt Cook but we did have fun photographing the lake.

Guided by a very useful roadtrip booklet, we pulled over a couple of times to admire the beauty of nature. Details on Facebook photos.

Day 5-Queenstown
Everyone of us had our pictures photo-shopped while taking the Gondola up for luge-ing. I found those photos too fake so I did not venture myself to buy any. We had good fun luge-ing down the slope with Ryan crashing into Shea Chuen's luge during the first time. I was doing it slow and steady :) Some of us were lucky to experience the advanced track with steeper slopes and sharper turns as the track was closed due to the icy condition in the morning.

I was the ultimate mastermind for making 7 of us do bungy jumping but little did I know that I ended up petrified! I was the 3rd person to jump as I burst into tears after watching Shea Chuen jumped. Ok, enough of all the embarassing moments, I did manage to jump and experience freefall. I mustered enough courage to open my eyes to enjoy the scenic view upside down and I was so relieved when I was finally in the rescue boat. It was freezing but I felt nothing and that pretty much described the adrenaline rush I felt.

The list of heroes who thwarted fear(in order of bungy): Shea Chuen, Li Ping, me, Ryan, Jessica, Nooi Hoay, Chean Ying

Of all of us, Chean Ying was the one who did a perfect dive with a smile on her face!

Day 6-Queenstown
My PBL tutor was adamant that we should ski in NZ and he was absolutely right! The same 7 of us took the beginner course at Coronet's Peak. Nooi Hoay was already the expert but she didn't want to ski alone. We had a difficult time try to maneuver around with the weighty ski boots, more so when the skis were put on. I had trouble sliding the second ski into place almost everytime. However, I am quite proud of myself as I had only fallen twice selectively (as I felt like I was not able going to brake) in the whole day. I have also realised that skiing comes naturally to kids as they have a much lower center of gravity. And the champions of the day were Chean Ying(who nearly snowballed) and Li Ping(who skiied 'into' Chean Ying's skis)!LOL...

Day 7-Queenstown
NZ trip can never be complete without visiting Deer Park Heights where the Lord of the Rings and the Rescue were shot. It was quite daunting to feed the llamas, goats and donkeys at first but I soon enjoyed watching the animals. Ryan was the shepherd of the day who used his formidable aluminium feeding tin to gather the animals! The view of the Remarkables took our breath away.

Day 8-Milford sound
After staying overnight at Te Anau(the nearest populated town to Milford sound), no town could possibly be more gloomy and creepy! The whole town was shrouded in thick mist which made visibility less than 10m. Only 2 restaurants were open. And that reminded us so much of Twilight.

The cruise brought our adventurous trip to a more relaxed one. The excitement of watching wild dolphins weighing 300kg swimming with the ship just centimetres away from us was unsurmontable. The wonder of marine life was also manifested by the visit to the Underwater Observatory. And I could just make out the outline of Hobart far far away!

Day 9-Dunedin

As chocolate lovers, we headed to Cadbury World. I called the visit a very 'benign' activity. Nevertheless, we had a good time learning about cocoa and the products such as cocoa butter, cocoa mass etc. The chocolate fall came as quite a shock but it's such a shame that we were not allowed to bring our cameras into the factory. According to our guide, the fall was inspired by the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ryan & I also broke our promise by buying heaps of chocolate.

Lunch was with the INTEC Otago friends and I had a busy time trying to remember the names. Afterwards, we drove up Baldwin St, literally! This is the steepest street in the world. Ryan& I had a race to the top of the street. The birdeye view of Dudedin was very rewarding as well. Photo snapping was of course the priority and I found Li Ping's lying on the road the most creative one.

After bidding farewell to 5 of us who decided to fly back to Chrischurch, we had an amazing journey at Otago Peninsula, driving precariously on a windy road next to the ocean without any fence. We managed to hear penguins and seals but dusk prevented us from seeing them clearly.

And we had the most homey accomodation at Chillawhile Backpackers & Art Gallery. The atmosphere was of art and culture. I was even tempted to read fictions in bed. The accomodation was much more than what we could imagine and asked for!

Day 10-Christchurch
The 3 hour drive was a very boring one as the road was as straight as a ruler! It was completely in contrast with what Daniel discovered from some other tourists on the way. We stopped for some real fruit yoghurt ice-cream and photo-shooting with the sheep(but the sheep went helter-skelter after seeing us..LOL..)

We managed to meet up with Yi Chiann, Merlin, Shuang Xiu and Terence. And to my utmost surprise, Yi Chiann was my primary school mate!


We had to remove layers and layers of clothing once we reached Melbourne! It had been freezing while we were at NZ. We then had a small party for Nooi Hoay who always has her birthday during winter break. And due to the 2hours time zone difference, I am suffering from a tiny jetlag for waking up feeling so refresehed at 4am :x

Ka kite ano Aotearoa!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The much-awaited winter holiday!

Yay!It's 2nd day into the holiday :)
I love the fact that I can laze in the bed for one hour before I have to get up
I love the fact that I can keep on watching movies without getting guilty
I love the fact that I can be away from the swine-flu-filled hospital for the next month
I love the fact that I will be in NZ in about 2 days time!

We attended Grace's 21st birthday party yesterday. The theme was hat party and I was just so troubled about where to get a hat when Sally told me that she has got a couple :)
Thanks Sally for the striking pink hat/cap.
We finally managed to catch up with Grace's life. It's difficult since we are not attached to the same hospital

p.s. After sooooo many attempts, I have finally managed to activate the GPS on my phone...gah...want to try it out in NZ :) but I have no idea as to why there is no voice navigation...

Monday, June 8, 2009




Monday, May 25, 2009

My 1st times in ICU

1st time male cathetherisation

1st time cricoid pressure in intubation

1st time seeing femoral & subclavian central lines & PICC lines

1st time so exhilarated by MET calls

1st time helping out in MET calls

1st time locked outside of common room

1st time knowing that it's locked at 6pm

1st time using the computers in HMO lounge

1st time ditched by security

1st time called Gina for help

1st time knowing who has the masterkey

1st time coming home in rain

1st time feeling my clinical life is just like what's in ER

1st time feeling so awesome!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Combo birthday!

The inaugaural combo birthday celebration for 3 shining stars on earth!
Cheng Khoon+Justina+Me!

Our birthday stories on facebook

My thanking list:
MISU members, also Yu Wan for her 'touching' card, in addition to Daniel's and Yeu Sheng's card
Christina for her massage
Sharon& Ivy for the sweet birthday card, Chelfi for her sms
Li Ping's striped shirt (It's long sleeved!)
Sally for her tequila
My cousins' +aunt's smses
Mom's and dad's calls
Ryan for the bear, robe, throw, necklace+wonderful trip to Yarra Valley
And of course all my friends who left such an impressive wishing list on my facebook wall!

I feel loved <3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

After reading Lennon's facebook note about her mom, I suddenly felt a pang of emptiness...

This shows how much I miss mom :(

I also miss my godmom very much :(
I am also very grateful to my Dr Aunty. She has been taking good care of mom and I :) Sadly, I do not own a photo of her.

They are special women in my life. No one could have substituted their position in my heart!
And of course, they are great moms!

Thanks for being there for me and make me who I am today!






Lots of hugs and love to three of you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthday celebration in advance

Oh well, 22 years have since passed since mom brought me to the world. I feel a bit old, especially when I saw the first years passing by in Uni.

The celebration with Jun Ren, Adriel and Ryan was supposed to be on the coming friday, but since Adriel had long since forgotten his birthday and preferred to study for his test on next monday, we called really late last night to J's surf n turf to pre-order some fresh oysters.

Facebooks photos for the buffet

Little did we know that not even one of us like oysters very much. Initially, I ended up gobbling down 5 but there were 2 dozens ordered! Adriel suggested us to play adding the numbers game to decide the next person to have one. And he ended up having 5! All the time, Jun Ren did not even lose once until the last 2 rounds. The final score was Me: Ryan: Jun Ren: Adriel=7:7:5:5. The power of probability and random selection!

The food was good and we have a good catch up session with 2 of our dearest friends in Uni.

Side note: I have just gotten my Nokia 6210 Navigator. It's awesome! Camera's good and besides the slight lag when I first switched it on, it's been doing its job^^

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pain in the neck!

Who could have guessed that I will wake up one day finding my neck incredibly stiff?

Almost everyone asked, "What were you doing?"
My med buddies asked, "OMG, do you have meningitis?" I would answer,"Negative Kernig's sign!Afebrile too ^^."

And no one could have predicted that the pain actually lasted for 4 days!
I recovered on day 3. However, I was stupid enough to fall too hard into the chair and sprained it AGAIN !!!

The pain was so excruciating that I had to skip wardround and hospital on friday.
I went to see the local GP just to find out that he is our 'super senior', having graduated in 1986! LOL...

The GP said, " There is some inflammation of the facet joints and trapezius." And he precribed some Flenac to least that helped..not like panadol

Trying to walk with my neck straight today...LOL..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Break!!!

After 9weeks of clinical life, we finally get to take five and have a week of Easter holiday!

11/4/09: Ryan and I managed to take opportunity of the Easter clearance at Harris Scarfe at 8.30am! When we reached Cranbourne, there were already 50+customers waiting at the cash registers! After getting some good bargains, we headed to Australian Garden.

Memories there...

15/4/09: There were 14 of us who went to Mt Dandenong (Chean Ying, Nooi Hoay, Yeu Sheng, Daniel, Jun Ren, Adriel, Zepeng, Perryn, Iris,Wei Quan, Terence, Yu Wan, Ryan and I)


And of course, ages ago, Ryan and I witnessed the most magnificent fireworks at Southbank^^ We were just at the riverside and were mesmerised...

Moomba Water Fest...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy birthday in advance, my dearest sis!

Dear sis,

It must be great to have a good birthday party! Even though I will not be able to attend it, I wish you a very happy birthday in advance deep from my heart! Don't forget to take lots of photos and blog about it!

Side by side
Or miles apart,
A sister like you,
Is always close to the heart.

I wish you a very blessed birthday :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My easter holiday plan

1. To defy my biological clock!Sleeping in is the top priority :)
2. To satisfy my tummy! It's time to open my dusty recipe books.
3. To visit old friends? I should!
4. To re-visit Mt.Dandenong/Philips Island? To be comfirmed^^
5. To assist in planning NZ trip in June.If I feel up to it :p

A pretty aimless holiday is definitely perfect after the hectic 9 weeks of clinical life ;>

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How's life been treating me

As a 3rd year medical student, I have been up to my neck with work since there is no fixed curriculum. Everything is potentially important(perhaps besides EBCP...LOL...) as I want to be a good doctor, really!There is always endless pathology to learn about, more grillings during PBLs and a lot to learn during wardrounds and surgeries, in addition to some spontaneous tutorials given by the interns and registrars when they were free. I thought that I have learnt about a significant share of core knowledge but when asked, I find that my memory still failed me at times...sigh....My medical bedside tutor is quite pedantic about our level of knowledge and clinical skills and this annoys me at times. And wednesdays are always a pain since lectures start 8am till 6pm. Half a semester went over my head just like that!

Even though the learning experience has been rewarding, having patients to call me doctor in spite of introducing myself as a student doctor(LOL...) and putting in IV bungs and performing venepuncture, hospital life is burning me out. How I wish easter can be pushed forward!

Despite my perception that time is as insufficient as ever, my social life has expanded when compared to previous years. Not only do I mingle with my JPA friends in the halls(the usual birthday celebrations, random eating-outs and weekend badmintons), I also managed to keep in contact with my old mates in the halls and to know some new friends. And I finally went to Moomba Water Fest! Since getting a car, I have been shopping more frequently as well and there is a greater variety of clothes to choose from...muakaka...

Perhaps the sole downside of my exhausting life are my puffy and dark-circled eyes :P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My clinical life

It has been insanely busy and I think it will stay that way till forever.
Endless wardrounds, surgery, IV bungs, history&examination practices, bedside tutorials, PBLs....
It is so chaotic...I often feel info overloaded but I will learn! how the nice patients always told me...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heatwave, spare me!

Melbournians experienced the most scorching temperature of 46.4 degree celcius this afternoon. This is the 'hottest' record since 1855!

The heat seared my body and my brain ceased to function today. And I had to immerse myself in a tub of water.

Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees cooler.

Thank God!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Being random...

Today was the first day when we headed to our attached teaching hospitals for Southern Health students.

We were supposed to have nursing shifts and to observe nurses at work. However, the afternoon was pretty relaxed and lacked action as I have expected. The staff were having a meeting and James and I just had a self-directed tour and interviewed a patient who did not know much about her condition.


It's definitely going to be better on monday once we get our unit rotations and PBL groups!

Currently I have nothing much at hand. PBLs and pathology cases are not on MUSO yet so I am seriously free besides the fact that Ryan and I had been researching for cars. We will probably settle for the Toyota Corolla that he test drove today ^^

There is a pang of homesickness sometimes but I am sure I will overcome it soon once I get busy with uni.


Sunday, January 25, 2009










Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raw evil score: 42.22%

My rainbow!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit a temple the Gen-Y way

My mornings in Malaysia has always been a healthy breakfast then news reading. I have came across this interesting article in NanYang Siang Pau about the fun things that we should do during CNY.

One of them stirred my interest. Even though I am a Christian, I resolved the check this website out.

This is the link:

It takes quite a bit of time to load though. And it is in mandarin.

I find it quite educating. The website has some simple facts about offerings to the gods and some knowledge that even elude some Taoists. So, if you want to avoid the crowd at temples or if you are allergic to the smell of incense like me, why not have a look at this website.

It is also quite entertaining. There is nice Chinese music playing in the background. And the visitor will take the role of a young girl who is there to learn about offering prayer in a Taoist temple.

I can even download amulet or portraits of the gods and even have my fortune told.

This is my wish for CNY! I released a lamp called 孔明灯 on the website.

What an interative way to learn about some Chinese tradition!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

An unexpected surprise

I was at my aunt's when my cousin came back and yelled that he had a surprise for me. I was half expecting something girly but little did I know that uncle bought durian for us!

For all of those who are not acquainted to durian, January is not the season for durian. So, I was really glad that I actually got to try some! A lot of people maybe put off by the smell of it, however, for durian lovers, the aroma is so nostalgic!

My cute cousins posing with durian in their mouth!!!!

The durians were so rich in taste. Some were soft and creamy wheareas the others had firmer flesh and left a bitter taste in the mouth. Nevertheless, durian is still the king of tropical fruits!

My cousin surprised me with the durian!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some photos taken during the holiday

The cookies that I helped aunt to bake for the coming CNY...
The flavours: Salty dried shrimp cookies, white chocholate tarts with cashew nut, ghee cookies and dark chocolate cornflake cookies!

My aunt's new house!! A bungalow on its front view....

The fish pond in my aunt's's humongous!!!!!!!

The fish frolicking happily in the pond!

The fried rice my dear cousin, Mei cooked. She asked me to grade on her cooking as well...

The delicious pizza baked by Mei...

My cousin, Ning's cute right?

Ning posed with her tic-tac-toe game...

Read the creative Tira-Miss-U! I saw this from the donuts sold in Indonesia's Java Bean

More mouth-watering donuts...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Speaking about being funny...天真无牙,笑掉大牙!

My little cousin Ning: I want to eat more apple?
Me: Why?
Ning: Because I want to keep the doctors (my aunt, uncle and me!) away!!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...


Ning: 你考试,我偷看。。。
Me: Huh???

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