Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heatwave, spare me!

Melbournians experienced the most scorching temperature of 46.4 degree celcius this afternoon. This is the 'hottest' record since 1855!

The heat seared my body and my brain ceased to function today. And I had to immerse myself in a tub of water.

Tomorrow is going to be 20 degrees cooler.

Thank God!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Being random...

Today was the first day when we headed to our attached teaching hospitals for Southern Health students.

We were supposed to have nursing shifts and to observe nurses at work. However, the afternoon was pretty relaxed and lacked action as I have expected. The staff were having a meeting and James and I just had a self-directed tour and interviewed a patient who did not know much about her condition.


It's definitely going to be better on monday once we get our unit rotations and PBL groups!

Currently I have nothing much at hand. PBLs and pathology cases are not on MUSO yet so I am seriously free besides the fact that Ryan and I had been researching for cars. We will probably settle for the Toyota Corolla that he test drove today ^^

There is a pang of homesickness sometimes but I am sure I will overcome it soon once I get busy with uni.


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