Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Break!!!

After 9weeks of clinical life, we finally get to take five and have a week of Easter holiday!

11/4/09: Ryan and I managed to take opportunity of the Easter clearance at Harris Scarfe at 8.30am! When we reached Cranbourne, there were already 50+customers waiting at the cash registers! After getting some good bargains, we headed to Australian Garden.

Memories there...

15/4/09: There were 14 of us who went to Mt Dandenong (Chean Ying, Nooi Hoay, Yeu Sheng, Daniel, Jun Ren, Adriel, Zepeng, Perryn, Iris,Wei Quan, Terence, Yu Wan, Ryan and I)


And of course, ages ago, Ryan and I witnessed the most magnificent fireworks at Southbank^^ We were just at the riverside and were mesmerised...

Moomba Water Fest...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy birthday in advance, my dearest sis!

Dear sis,

It must be great to have a good birthday party! Even though I will not be able to attend it, I wish you a very happy birthday in advance deep from my heart! Don't forget to take lots of photos and blog about it!

Side by side
Or miles apart,
A sister like you,
Is always close to the heart.

I wish you a very blessed birthday :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

My easter holiday plan

1. To defy my biological clock!Sleeping in is the top priority :)
2. To satisfy my tummy! It's time to open my dusty recipe books.
3. To visit old friends? I should!
4. To re-visit Mt.Dandenong/Philips Island? To be comfirmed^^
5. To assist in planning NZ trip in June.If I feel up to it :p

A pretty aimless holiday is definitely perfect after the hectic 9 weeks of clinical life ;>

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How's life been treating me

As a 3rd year medical student, I have been up to my neck with work since there is no fixed curriculum. Everything is potentially important(perhaps besides EBCP...LOL...) as I want to be a good doctor, really!There is always endless pathology to learn about, more grillings during PBLs and a lot to learn during wardrounds and surgeries, in addition to some spontaneous tutorials given by the interns and registrars when they were free. I thought that I have learnt about a significant share of core knowledge but when asked, I find that my memory still failed me at times...sigh....My medical bedside tutor is quite pedantic about our level of knowledge and clinical skills and this annoys me at times. And wednesdays are always a pain since lectures start 8am till 6pm. Half a semester went over my head just like that!

Even though the learning experience has been rewarding, having patients to call me doctor in spite of introducing myself as a student doctor(LOL...) and putting in IV bungs and performing venepuncture, hospital life is burning me out. How I wish easter can be pushed forward!

Despite my perception that time is as insufficient as ever, my social life has expanded when compared to previous years. Not only do I mingle with my JPA friends in the halls(the usual birthday celebrations, random eating-outs and weekend badmintons), I also managed to keep in contact with my old mates in the halls and to know some new friends. And I finally went to Moomba Water Fest! Since getting a car, I have been shopping more frequently as well and there is a greater variety of clothes to choose from...muakaka...

Perhaps the sole downside of my exhausting life are my puffy and dark-circled eyes :P

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