Monday, May 25, 2009

My 1st times in ICU

1st time male cathetherisation

1st time cricoid pressure in intubation

1st time seeing femoral & subclavian central lines & PICC lines

1st time so exhilarated by MET calls

1st time helping out in MET calls

1st time locked outside of common room

1st time knowing that it's locked at 6pm

1st time using the computers in HMO lounge

1st time ditched by security

1st time called Gina for help

1st time knowing who has the masterkey

1st time coming home in rain

1st time feeling my clinical life is just like what's in ER

1st time feeling so awesome!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Combo birthday!

The inaugaural combo birthday celebration for 3 shining stars on earth!
Cheng Khoon+Justina+Me!

Our birthday stories on facebook

My thanking list:
MISU members, also Yu Wan for her 'touching' card, in addition to Daniel's and Yeu Sheng's card
Christina for her massage
Sharon& Ivy for the sweet birthday card, Chelfi for her sms
Li Ping's striped shirt (It's long sleeved!)
Sally for her tequila
My cousins' +aunt's smses
Mom's and dad's calls
Ryan for the bear, robe, throw, necklace+wonderful trip to Yarra Valley
And of course all my friends who left such an impressive wishing list on my facebook wall!

I feel loved <3

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

After reading Lennon's facebook note about her mom, I suddenly felt a pang of emptiness...

This shows how much I miss mom :(

I also miss my godmom very much :(
I am also very grateful to my Dr Aunty. She has been taking good care of mom and I :) Sadly, I do not own a photo of her.

They are special women in my life. No one could have substituted their position in my heart!
And of course, they are great moms!

Thanks for being there for me and make me who I am today!






Lots of hugs and love to three of you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthday celebration in advance

Oh well, 22 years have since passed since mom brought me to the world. I feel a bit old, especially when I saw the first years passing by in Uni.

The celebration with Jun Ren, Adriel and Ryan was supposed to be on the coming friday, but since Adriel had long since forgotten his birthday and preferred to study for his test on next monday, we called really late last night to J's surf n turf to pre-order some fresh oysters.

Facebooks photos for the buffet

Little did we know that not even one of us like oysters very much. Initially, I ended up gobbling down 5 but there were 2 dozens ordered! Adriel suggested us to play adding the numbers game to decide the next person to have one. And he ended up having 5! All the time, Jun Ren did not even lose once until the last 2 rounds. The final score was Me: Ryan: Jun Ren: Adriel=7:7:5:5. The power of probability and random selection!

The food was good and we have a good catch up session with 2 of our dearest friends in Uni.

Side note: I have just gotten my Nokia 6210 Navigator. It's awesome! Camera's good and besides the slight lag when I first switched it on, it's been doing its job^^

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pain in the neck!

Who could have guessed that I will wake up one day finding my neck incredibly stiff?

Almost everyone asked, "What were you doing?"
My med buddies asked, "OMG, do you have meningitis?" I would answer,"Negative Kernig's sign!Afebrile too ^^."

And no one could have predicted that the pain actually lasted for 4 days!
I recovered on day 3. However, I was stupid enough to fall too hard into the chair and sprained it AGAIN !!!

The pain was so excruciating that I had to skip wardround and hospital on friday.
I went to see the local GP just to find out that he is our 'super senior', having graduated in 1986! LOL...

The GP said, " There is some inflammation of the facet joints and trapezius." And he precribed some Flenac to least that helped..not like panadol

Trying to walk with my neck straight today...LOL..

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