Monday, August 31, 2009

The cutest USB I've seen

Today was the opening day for our student lounge after we have been using it since the start of the semester. We had a great tea time and of course freebies ^^ And I bet no one could resist the temptation of owning one of those cute surgeon USBs.

I got bored while studying for hand examination. Therefore, show time!
*Sorry for the poor quality. I took it using my old phone*

My Dr.USB without his head.

Dr. USB running towards a MET call.

Dr. USB saving the pretty patient.

Dr.USB compared with my normal USB.

Dr. USB taking a photo in front of his 'house'

p.s. Bro, it's soooo cute! Too bad I couldn't get you one :( All the best in your exams and assignments! I will teach you to cook whenever you decide to come over^^

1 comment:

Chin Yen Ryan said...

Yeah...It's so cute...
sadly we got only one each..I use it to backup my files :)

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