Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too busy to update!

I have finally found 10mins to update my dusty blog since forever!
While waiting for my centrifuge to stop..haha...so much for my holiday :p

So, I went around Melbourne and Sydney with Ryan and his family :)
It was fun and I got to re-visit some places which i hadn't explored enough.
There were simply too many photos to be sieved through and uploaded.
So, if you are interested, come visit me and I will show you the pictures :)

And I am back in the freezing lab.
And, believe me, I don't think I am cut out to be a researcher. Way too clumsy and absent-minded and COLD.

I want more holiday. The laid back me is struggling to wake up in the morning to work. And it's weird being called a 4th year medical student. Not used to it. And the dates. It's not 09 anymore.

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