Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A friend posted the English version on facebook.
So I youtubed the mandarin version.

This song is a patriotic song for Singapore. But I love it, love the lyrics.

I have not listened to this song for a while.
Yet I am always on the verge of tears contemplating the lyrics.
Very touched.
Home is the place I would rather be.
Even though I might have been to so many other corners of the world.

*Miss home*
What a beautiful song!

每一次我感到彷徨 不自禁就会回头望
我知道心中有个地方 一定会有一盏灯
照亮每一颗黑暗的心房 指引未来方向
沿着生命河流向前航 就能登陆理想

我的家 收藏 我的欢喜悲伤
只要点燃希望 梦就会自由飞翔
我的家 给我 一双坚定翅膀
我的梦 不论在何方 一生的爱 唯有家

再也不会感到彷徨 不会再失意回头望
我要用心中一点烛光 燃放千万户辉煌
要让繁华的城市更灿烂 世界和平共享
全凭生命河流来导航 一起登陆理想
全凭生命河流来导航 一起登陆理想

This is Home Truly
  Where I know I must be
  Where my Dreams wait for me
  Where that river always flows

  This is Home Truly
  All my Senses tell me
  This is where I won't be Alone
  For this is where I know it's home

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Banzai Aotearoa!!!! Slideshow

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New blogger background

I was just experimenting with the template designer.
And thought this background suits me a lot.
I wish my heart is like autumn--quiet but has irresistible beauty.
The kind of solace that is different from the frigid winter.
The kind of peace that is away from distractions in summer.
The kind of isolation that is devoid of blossoms.

I have not written anything for quite an extended period of time.
I have been too preoccupied with studies.
Not exactly good because I think I am obsessed about it.
But I will do my best :)

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