Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At least there is no more exam for the next few years!

Yes, I have officially finished 4th year (I hope)! I have survived and hopefully have succeeded. The gruelling papers& OSCEs. The morning awakenings. The palpitations. The life with books. The life with exam talks. The life without enjoyment.

But I probably have enjoyed myself a little bit too much these few days.
Holiday Day 1: Lunch at Yum Cha Inn. Mow the almost 1m long lawn in our front and back yards, then off to Southland shopping, then PFE till home at 2am.

Day 2: A lazy start, then return Amy's lawn mower, then Dandenong Market, then shopping at South Wharf, then buffet dinner at Chilli Padi, then BBQ at Zhi Xuan's.

Day 3: PBL gathering at Chaddy for a few hours. Had heaps of dessert at Lindt cafe then had Hungry Jacks for lunch. Also explored the store a bit.

And the next few days went by in a blur, including cleaning the house for the coming inspection. But I am coming down with a cold. I can feel it :X

Photos on facebook!

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