Saturday, November 27, 2010


Last minute decision for a 3 days 2 nights getaway to Lakes Entrance& Tyers. C.Ying managed to arrange for a huge holiday house for all 15 of us. The house was much spacious and elegant than I could have imagined :D And it's my first attempt of long distance driving. I only managed to sustain my attention for about 2 hours though. Need more practice!

The day  kicked off with C.Ying's brunch when we stopped over at Traralgon-- hotdog croissant. We then headed to Lakes Entrance. The day was sweltering hot, the sand at the beach was scorching but the water was rejuvenating. And we've missed the dolphins again.haha. After a scrumptious lunch, we then explored the beach near our holiday house. The day was just perfect for beach goers. The 90 miles beach near the house was quite secluded and it's quite like our own private beach. We planned to play beach ball and frisbees but the wind was too strong and Li Ping and I had to run across the beach for about 300m just to get the ball back. It was a lot of fun to be buried underneath the sand. Very cooling. The BBQ dinner was enjoyable too as C.Wang, Ryan and I were in charge of the grill. We had onions. corns. sausages, mushrooms, chicken pieces and lamb chops.

We had trouble planning what to do on day 2. It's because there are a zillion things that we could do! Everyone was ready for the day at about 8.30am. lol. The sun was so bright that no one could sleep in. After much detouring and asking around, 6 of us (C.Wang, Ryan, K.Wen, Li Ping, Jess and I) finally started crabbing. The others went cycling around Lake Entrance beach. It was interesting to note that how hiring nets was not the way to go. So we bought 2 nets and ended up with 3 nets instead (someones abondoned theirs). According to one of the other 'crabber', he used to get about 100 crabs in a day. But he only got like 3 that day. And we got 2--one got away and the other one was terribly handicapped. The excitement of finally getting a crab was overwhelmed by my sympathy towards the crab. We didn't eat it. It had no pincers and there was a mussel deeply wedged into it's right eye. I suspect that it lost  a fight and ended up in this pathetic state. We cleaned it and put it in a pyrex bowl. It passed away peacefully during the night. We then buried it at the beach near our house. Now we've got nets, more excuses to go crabbing! The night was a 'romantic' one with our own 'high school' themed dinner. Everyone dressed up. But I didn't really have anything in my wardrobe vaguely resembling high school gear so I just dressed up as a girl scout. haha.

The last day was a lazy one. It was quite a gloomy morning though. We packed our luggage and left the fun behind.

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