Monday, December 27, 2010

Gulliver's Travel on a Sunday evening

It's been years since I watched a movie in Malaysia. Zhe suggested us to go for Gulliver's Travel in 3D at Kluang Mall yesterday evening. I wanted to watch Tron more, actually. Ha. But I wanted to tag along for some fun too. We were expecting the cinema to be freezing cold but it was just nice.ha

Ning and I with our 3D glasses which kept falling off my actual glasses.haha

IMDB rating 5.5

Not an awfully good rating but the movie in general was funny. It was more like a comedy for family. The plot was predictable yet did not lose its moments of humour. There were not enough special effects to worth watching it in 3D though.

The movie did teach me something important though. Everyone needs an aspiration and shall not be afraid to live their dream.
Dinner was Sushi King. It was actually my first time (if I remember it correctly) stepping into this restaurant. It had conveyer belt sushi too.

The conveyer belt

Some octopus sushi

A selection of sashimi

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The case of the missing crab

Uncle brought 3kg of crabs home yesterday night. In the morning, I woke up seeing Ning holding a torch looking for something. So some of the crabs went missing! lol...We searched the whole house, including upstairs. The crabs were finally found in...........................

THE STOREROOM under the staircase!

They forgot to close the door before turning in...haha

Besides that home is as uneventful as ever. Relaxing but I'm starting to yearn for something more exciting.haha

My laptop has gone crazy, can't re-upload the pictures that I have rotated-->

My new ceramic water bottle--christmas gift from Ning <3 it!
More warm coffee made possible..hahaha

My new hairstyle. I am still learning to get used to my fringe because I find it annoying sometimes.
But my godmother and godsister says it makes me look younger..haha
Mom keeps disapproving it. Her comment was 盖头盖脸。haha

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taiwan trip

I am seriously too lazy to blog about the trip. But I will introduce Taiwan in brief ^^

Day 1: TaoYuan International Airport-->Yomi Hotel-->Raohe Night Market-->Hotel
Day 2: Yomi Hotel-->Taipei Main MRT Station-->Jiu Fen-->Gold Museum-->Golden Waterfall-->Kee Lung Temple Area-->North Eastern Corner Coastal Scenic Drive-->Yeh Liu-->Dan Shui-->Hotel
Day 3: Yomi Hotel-->Taipei International Floral Expo-->Wu Fen Pu-->Taipei 101-->Hotel
Day 4: Hotel-->Yi Lan-->Nan Ao-->Traditional Culture and Handcraft Center-->Coastal Drive-->Hualien-->Homestay
Day5: Homestay-->Toroko Gorge-->Mt. He Huan-->Yu Chi Homestay
Day 6: Homestay-->Sun Moon Lake-->Some Aboriginal Day Market-->Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village-->Feng Jia Night Market-->Tao Yuan International Airport

SO we have travelled half the island :D
Please kindly visit my FB album :) about Taiwan trip in general, about the Floral Expo and about Taiwan food.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my godparents Aunt Lay Choo and Uncle Miaw Long for inviting me along. I have also re-established a close rapport with my bro (Ping Cheng) and sis (Hui Mei). Love you all :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 years since I've been home

Malaysia has changed. The roads and buildings don't look familiar anymore. The drains smelled worse than I remembered (lol). But the weather is still sweltering hot and unbearable. And the ubiquitous mozzies :x Home is still comfy and never runs out of food. The fish pond is now full of life. And now there is Wii to play with.

As much I miss Pasar Malam, I have to give it a miss today because it is just so damn hot. Too hot for me to even walk around. Because it's sunday we get to bake :D Helped with baking tofu cake, pumpkin scones and egg tarts.

Mom is complaining that I am too skinny. (ROFL, she has never done that!) I think she's determined to forcefeed me. My cousins are all growing tangentially and I look like the tiniest person in the house. Even the Indonesian maid is bigger than

Tried Malaysian food list: Pan Mee, Wanton noodles, curry chicken, chee cheong fan, roti canai& telur, jambu, poh piah, yam cake, instant soy bean milk, milo.

I wanted to upload some photos but the internet is a bit slow for it. Oh well, I can always do it later.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not complaining :)

I had so much to do during the semester. But now I have been too free. Waking up at whatever time I like, watching Korean series and basically slacking. Sometimes, I am even too lazy to step out of the house.haha. Of course I can't complain about my freedom!

Less than a week before I fly back to Malaysia and head to Taiwan :) I really look forward to the trip. The weather forecast is 14-20 degrees right now. Nice!

Nothing much to update about my recent life. Slacking is good~

Friday, December 3, 2010

The rite to adulthood

My dear brother,

I wish you a very happy and blessed 21st birthday!
It's time to talk and think like an adult. To value independence and shoulder responsiblity.


How should one define friends? How much do you have to know about a person for them to become your friend? What roles do they play in your life? Which is better: to have many friends or few true friends?

My observations:

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. True in most circumstances but not in the odd occasion whereby the only time you are 'needed' is the only time you get an affectionate phonecall. No casual catch-ups, only the once-in-a-year phonecall imploring for help. They may consider me as a friend but I just think that it is plain ridiculous to only ask for favours all the time without real friendship.

2. Being too calculative. Despite being a poor uni student, friends should at least be generous to each other. Perhaps not in the sense of giving away $$ to your friend, but the occasional homemade cookies and cakes are not so bad an idea. But make sure you offer your friend decent stuff. Not chicken neck from your whole roast chicken for example. Or charging 15people a $5 box of chocolate for sharing.

3. Selective sharing. Some eccentric people tend to keep the goodies, so to speak, to only their bestest friend(s). Fair enough, but the false pretence of excusing themselves *frantically shoving all the goodies into a bag* whilst bumping into their other friends is just pathetic. Maybe it's a fault in character that can't be fixed.

4. The extremely generous and kind. They will offer their life if you ask. Nice people who drives people around all the time, never asking for return. The homey dinner boxes that you get during exam period when all you think about is studying and not good food. The pretty postcards you get in the mail box. The warm and fuzzy feeling :) You know what I mean.

5. The 'pretend' extremely generous and kind. They only do things when everyone is watching. Wash the dishes in the student common room and help to tidy up the kitchen area; leaving the dishes at home(shared house) for at least a week and never bother to follow the duty roster for housework at home.

I don't think anyone is perfect and neither am I. I need to vent or compliment what I think is disgusting or plaudable. Perhaps I have made some of these mistakes myself. But one needs to learn from mistakes.

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