Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 years since I've been home

Malaysia has changed. The roads and buildings don't look familiar anymore. The drains smelled worse than I remembered (lol). But the weather is still sweltering hot and unbearable. And the ubiquitous mozzies :x Home is still comfy and never runs out of food. The fish pond is now full of life. And now there is Wii to play with.

As much I miss Pasar Malam, I have to give it a miss today because it is just so damn hot. Too hot for me to even walk around. Because it's sunday we get to bake :D Helped with baking tofu cake, pumpkin scones and egg tarts.

Mom is complaining that I am too skinny. (ROFL, she has never done that!) I think she's determined to forcefeed me. My cousins are all growing tangentially and I look like the tiniest person in the house. Even the Indonesian maid is bigger than

Tried Malaysian food list: Pan Mee, Wanton noodles, curry chicken, chee cheong fan, roti canai& telur, jambu, poh piah, yam cake, instant soy bean milk, milo.

I wanted to upload some photos but the internet is a bit slow for it. Oh well, I can always do it later.


nh said...

Haha. I like how home never runs out of food. I have kinda run out of food here. *sob sob*

Dr Yingzangel said...

Ha. The next best thing is tat I don't have to cook or wash up. All prepared.

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