Friday, December 3, 2010


How should one define friends? How much do you have to know about a person for them to become your friend? What roles do they play in your life? Which is better: to have many friends or few true friends?

My observations:

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. True in most circumstances but not in the odd occasion whereby the only time you are 'needed' is the only time you get an affectionate phonecall. No casual catch-ups, only the once-in-a-year phonecall imploring for help. They may consider me as a friend but I just think that it is plain ridiculous to only ask for favours all the time without real friendship.

2. Being too calculative. Despite being a poor uni student, friends should at least be generous to each other. Perhaps not in the sense of giving away $$ to your friend, but the occasional homemade cookies and cakes are not so bad an idea. But make sure you offer your friend decent stuff. Not chicken neck from your whole roast chicken for example. Or charging 15people a $5 box of chocolate for sharing.

3. Selective sharing. Some eccentric people tend to keep the goodies, so to speak, to only their bestest friend(s). Fair enough, but the false pretence of excusing themselves *frantically shoving all the goodies into a bag* whilst bumping into their other friends is just pathetic. Maybe it's a fault in character that can't be fixed.

4. The extremely generous and kind. They will offer their life if you ask. Nice people who drives people around all the time, never asking for return. The homey dinner boxes that you get during exam period when all you think about is studying and not good food. The pretty postcards you get in the mail box. The warm and fuzzy feeling :) You know what I mean.

5. The 'pretend' extremely generous and kind. They only do things when everyone is watching. Wash the dishes in the student common room and help to tidy up the kitchen area; leaving the dishes at home(shared house) for at least a week and never bother to follow the duty roster for housework at home.

I don't think anyone is perfect and neither am I. I need to vent or compliment what I think is disgusting or plaudable. Perhaps I have made some of these mistakes myself. But one needs to learn from mistakes.

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