Thursday, December 23, 2010

Taiwan trip

I am seriously too lazy to blog about the trip. But I will introduce Taiwan in brief ^^

Day 1: TaoYuan International Airport-->Yomi Hotel-->Raohe Night Market-->Hotel
Day 2: Yomi Hotel-->Taipei Main MRT Station-->Jiu Fen-->Gold Museum-->Golden Waterfall-->Kee Lung Temple Area-->North Eastern Corner Coastal Scenic Drive-->Yeh Liu-->Dan Shui-->Hotel
Day 3: Yomi Hotel-->Taipei International Floral Expo-->Wu Fen Pu-->Taipei 101-->Hotel
Day 4: Hotel-->Yi Lan-->Nan Ao-->Traditional Culture and Handcraft Center-->Coastal Drive-->Hualien-->Homestay
Day5: Homestay-->Toroko Gorge-->Mt. He Huan-->Yu Chi Homestay
Day 6: Homestay-->Sun Moon Lake-->Some Aboriginal Day Market-->Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village-->Feng Jia Night Market-->Tao Yuan International Airport

SO we have travelled half the island :D
Please kindly visit my FB album :) about Taiwan trip in general, about the Floral Expo and about Taiwan food.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my godparents Aunt Lay Choo and Uncle Miaw Long for inviting me along. I have also re-established a close rapport with my bro (Ping Cheng) and sis (Hui Mei). Love you all :)

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