Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emergency rotation

I am a person who makes decisions about what I like quickly. I shop quickly too. And I think I have finally found the profession of my choice :D in ED

Amongst the things that I saw and did yesterday (I know it was public holiday but I had to do 4 shifts in a week):
1. Did an Electrical cardioversion for AF
2. Did 30+ stitches for a kid who fell onto a picket fence
3. A severely displaced and shortened NOF due to motorbike accident
4. Interviewed a dude who just decided to come to ED because the swelling in his feet refused to go down after cellulitis (and he came on Australia Day because he had nothing better to
5. Interviewed a dude with gout
6. A poor kid with hundreds and thousands of cactus thorns (is that how you name them?) on her hands and arms
7. A FOOSH (she has WPW syndrome too and I managed to get that right on an ECG!)
8. A kid with pharyngitis and abdo pain (?EBV)
9. A lady with multiple PE and breast ca
10. A young guy with migraine
11. An old lady with asthma and URTI
12. A slashed wrist (no suicide but cut by power tools)

And I think there were more patients that I have seen but have
Such is the variety of clinical presentations in ED.


nh said...

That's very interesting! It must be some good experience doing electrical cardioversion for real and 30+ stitches! Sore fingers after? Lol.

Btw, i'm particularly interested to know what was done for that kid with cactus thorns? Did you have to pick them out one by one? Or just left them in and they would be expelled by the body sooner or later?

Dr Yingzangel said...

Suturing feels like meditating. After finishing, I just felt a bit zoned

As for the cactus. We tried plucking it out with bare hands. The funny thing was the kid wouldn't let the mom do it. The really fine ones will just fall off on its own.

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