Wednesday, November 23, 2016

OK tuck steamboat@brinchang

Another night at Cameron's means more steamboat dinner! I have read a few good comments on other blogs about this restaurant.

I must say their chilli sauce is really good. I almost finished a small bowl of it! The ingredients are fresh and service is fast. However I must say I'm kind of disappointed with the stale prawns though.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mayflower restaurant steamboat

Had a wonderful steamboat dinner at tanah rata Cameron highlands.

We ordered mixed chicken soup and tom yum soup base with one serving of meat and another serving of vegetables. Forgot to snap a picture of the soup as Bing wanted Mr attention. Haha

Portion is big. Chicken soup is refreshing. Tom yum soup a bit overpowering though. Price is reasonable RM 20 per pax for meat and RM 15 for vegetarian option.

Hearty dinner for the chilly highland :) this place also serves a variety of other stir fries.

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