Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tong nam bee kopitiam- classic is always the best

Started out our journey back to hometown really early this morning. Stopped by this famous Asian style cafe at Raub.

A piece of soft and fluffy steamed white bread with a luxurious slice of butter and creamy kaya

RM 1.80

 Cheong Fun or rice noodle rolls with thick sweet sauce and assorted stuffed fishcakes, drizzled with fragrant sesame seeds. 
RM 5.50

Definitely will stop by again in the future!
The rain and flood will not douse our determination to travel and celebrate CNY with our loved ones.

Happy cny!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

MYNY cafe indera mahkota Kuantan

 Hubby and I had the rare opportunity to go dating last week. This is the second time I had lunch here. We arrived relatively early so the place was nice and quiet.

Five fingers. RM 18.90

There's minced chicken with bolognaise sauce in the burger.

Cheesy wedges that taste exactly like those from KFC

Fried chicken nuggets

Fried mashed potato.

Interesting, fried cheese cake drizzled with chocolate syrup. The inside is nice and mushy with cream cheese goodness. Outside is nice and crispy breadcrumb.

Daddy Joe burger RM 7.00
 Minced beef burger with bolognaise sauce. The burger is a tad too dry though. Need mayo or some dressing for the salad too.

Special red velvet cookie milkshake. 
RM 7.90

Topped with whipped cream. Sinful beverage with nice crunchy bits of cookies in the drink. Luckily we shared the drink because it's simply too filling.

Didn't end up to have dessert since we were already too full.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Sangkaya cafe ECM - going nuts with coconuts

Spent a great afternoon with hubby, baby Bing and sister in law. Sangkaya is all about coconuts.

Two basic sets @RM 12.90 each
Coconut gelato with cornflakes and chocolate shred topping.

Coconut gelato with peanut topping

Portion is actually quite generous with 4 scoops each. Love the fact that one can still scrape fresh coconut flesh from the coconut shell.

Two coconut water

One complimentary Thai milk tea mixed with coconut water.
Tasted like instant oatmilk.

All in all, quite refreshing and not too creamy or oily. Worth the try. If you like coconuts, definitely should try this place out.

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