Friday, March 31, 2017

Lunch date at oui chef kuantan

Heard all about the glamorous head chef here. The food is equally glorious. Here is our experience lunching at Oui Chef

Again, our rare date on a Friday because I'm on study leave.

For the generous portion of food, it's good value for money.

We ordered the lunch set.
Complimentary iced lemon tea/cappuccino and mushroom soup entrée

Steak sandwich. Grilled to perfection. Tender and juicy. Just the right texture. 
The chef was kind enough to slice the steak into bite size before serving.
Drizzled with yummy sauce. 
Focaccia pan fried with butter. 
Chips smothered with chili powder.
 RM 21.90

Chicken burger. 
Very crispy bread crumbed chicken fillet. Chicken a tad bland though. 
A matching selection of tomato slices, spinach leaves, lettuce and rocket 
My burger must have been pan fried after grilling the beef because I could taste it in the bun. ROFL.
RM 18.90

Overall great experience and definitely will visit again.

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