Thursday, April 13, 2017

Food tour at Mysore

Indian food is surprisingly tasty and so flavoursome. Can never get sick of Indian curries and masala. Thanks to my dear sister in law, we survive India for 6 days without diarrhoea! And everything is so cheap here. Imagine 50%discount everyday.

Green leaf restaurant
Had a hearty Indian breakfast here

Deep fried savory Indian doughnut. Nice blend of Indian spices. Fragrant yet not overpowering

Masala Dosa
Indian bread toasted with cripsy skin, filled with potato cubes

My favorite puffy Indian savory pastry. Taste like roti canai in Malaysia.
All served with Dahl, curry and tomato chutney

The cup of masala tea tasted strangely familiar, just like our own teh tarik infused with masala

Polar bear ice cream parlour
Indians love ice creams. From ice cream roadside stalls to eateries, there's always a suitable flavor for one.
Spanish delight
A mixture of rum raisin and butter scotch ice cream sprinkled with peanut
Soft and rich in flavor.
Joy ice cream factory is just around the corner as well.

The sixth main

A nice variety of Indian vegetarian curries, complete with the sweet combination of ice cream with gulab jamun. The set also came with fried rice and curd rice.
Refreshing mango milkshake, thick and creamy banana lassi, sweet lassi (simply because there's salty lassi!)

Pearl restaurant

Masala butter chicken
Everything using a combination of butter, yogurt and tomato paste tastes incredible!

We will never get sick of eating
Tandoori chicken

Le fortune Coorg

Coorg chicken masala
No need to describe further. Anything with masala, perhaps not the beverages, taste heavenly rich and aromatic.

Gobi Manchurian
Apparently Manchurian means Chinese. It's deep fried cauliflower Indian style.

Taste like roti canai...Cripsy. roti here are usually not oily at all unless you order buttered ones

Butter chappati

All for Rs285!

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