Thursday, April 6, 2017

Micasa cafe by the river mega view kuantan

Lunch time with parents in law before flying off for exam in India. Micasa By the river is managed under megaview hotel in kuantan. The place is so beautiful that I would actually recommend wedding photoshoot here! Savouring our lunch by kuantan river.

Spaghetti bolognaise set 
Generous amount of sauce with a spicy kick

Nasi lemak set
With otak otak
Sambal prawns
Rendang chicken
Balanced flavor. Authentic Malaysian food. Being

Tomato fried rice
Chicken yakitori skewers with the right amount of charred-ness dressed with sweet Japanese soy sauce
Salad with sesame dressing
Being a carbohydrate lover, would love a bigger portion of rice though.

Japanese chicken don 
Crispy seaweed with rice cooked to the perfect consistency and mix of texture. Just too much sauce though.

Complimentary passion fruit juice


Love the chocolate seeds

Go and have a look at the fruit and pudding arrangements. Looks fabulous.

Nearby enough for me to visit over lunch time again. After food one can stroll leisurely along Taman Esplanade
Great atmosphere. Good for gathering and birthday celebration too

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