Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Miller 46 Bangalore- wild wild west in India

Having steak where cows are considered holy. Miller 46 serves wonderful western cuisine.

Nice wild wild west feeling at the restaurant

Leather menu!
Huge portion and of course much cheaper than western food in Malaysia.

Garlic butter bread. Nicely warmed bread.

Double marinated steak with mashed potatoes and blanched vegetables
Rs 600+
Ordered medium. Just the correct texture. Beautifully flavored.

Hot mama steak with French fries and blanched vegetables
Able to taste the original freshness and tenderness. Love it to bits. Drizzled with secret sauce.

Kingfish steak with French fries and blanched vegetables
There are not many places where you can find two perfectly pan fried fish fillet at this price. Crispy skin.

Happy second day in India!

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