Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cream cheese bread- home made in bread maker

Since acquiring my Kenwood BM250 bread maker, we don't buy bread anymore.

This is one of our favorite recipes

Place these ingredients into the bread pan in sequence

320ml water
475g bread flour (we use a combination of high protein four and wholemeal flour from the Bake hut)
125g cream cheese (we use Tatura oz brand)
20g milk powder (we use Fernleaf)
40g butter (we don't believe in margarine or butter spread)
30g sugar
2tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast (we use mauripan instant yeast)

Be careful to separate yeast with sugar to allow the dough to rise perfectly.

Set the machine to 4 sweet bread, 1kg loaf and medium crust.

Tada. Wonderful fresh loaf

Little sidewalk cafe

Rarely do we get to have breakfast out during the weekend due to our busy on call schedules. Hubby scrolled through his offpeak app and decided we should give this cafe a try.

Here's their Facebook page
Little sidewalk cafe. It started off as a pub.

It's a bit tricky to get to the place because of the constructions happening around East coast mall but we managed to arrive at the stipulated time. Spacious cafe and suitable for children with clean baby chair. But customers are allowed to smoke as it's outdoor.

As advertised, the curry noodle here is a must try. Thick gravy with sinful coconut milk and fragrant lemongrass, it awakens your senses and appetite. Great combination with stuffed tofu and vege made on the spot.

The dried noodles tasted kind of bland. But it tasted superb once mixed with the curry gravy! Maybe the cafe chef can consider this new combination.

Top all this up with a cup of thick aromatic cam (coffee mixed with black tea sweetened by condensed milk)

By the time we finished savouring our breakfast, the place was already packed with hungry visitors.

And we got 10% off the bill using offpeak. Will definitely come for the curry again.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The extraordinary pan mee@Jin's cafe 香醋面粉糕

I have always been fascinated by the wonderful flavor of pan mee. Mommy used to cook it every week. The huge bowl of chewy pasta mixed with the fragrance of egg. Anchovies based soup completed with smooth meatballs and fresh tiger prawns, not forgetting the wonderful fried shallots and more anchovies!

I'm quite lucky that a lot of restaurants in kuantan do sell pan mee. However, most of them are too salty and too heavy on ajinomoto.

I have just realised this hidden gem very recently.


It's so popular that one actually has to call for the chef to reserve some pasta because it sells like hot cakes.

The soup based pan mee has to be taken with vinegar. According to the owner, half a tablespoon. But to me it has to be a big spoonful. It really brings out the flavor. The special chili paste is a must try.

The dried version is heavy in flavor with the taste of pork lard.

One can also order clam cooked in Chinese shaoxing wine and ginger soup. The clams or lalas are cooked to perfection and fresh.

Heavenly taste, nice ambience, good service and affordable price. Will definitely be one of my favorite hang out place in kuantan.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Korean food bonanza

First time trying out Seoul Garden at East coast mall. Wanted to buy in laws a meal to thank them for taking care of baby Bing when we were away. Was surveying between Manhattan fish market and black canyon as well but decided to have Korean lunch instead.


Seafood kimchi soup hot pot
Kimchi not too overpowering. Generous portion of seafood consisting of prawns, scallops,  tofu, enoki mushroom and glass noodles.

Chicken miso soup hotpot
Soup slightly on the salty side. Soothing combination with tofu, enoki mushroom and glass noodles

Each set comes with 2 rice and 2 beverages. We ordered lemonade.

And who would have thought that Korean food in India would taste so scrumptious? Hae Kum Gang can be hard to find, lost in the hustle bustle of Bangalore.And this restaurant is recommended by our cousin in law.

This was our first meal after my exam. We ordered a sushi platter. Sushi there was slightly heavier for the amount of rice. And Indians don't really eat wasabi because we had to ask the waiter to top up again and again. The fried chicken was marinated thoroughly and tasty to the bones. Of course there's my favorite soondubu jjigae. The kimchi soup tasted heavenly with the tofu.

I'll probably gain kilos if given the chance to visit Korea.

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