Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Korean food bonanza

First time trying out Seoul Garden at East coast mall. Wanted to buy in laws a meal to thank them for taking care of baby Bing when we were away. Was surveying between Manhattan fish market and black canyon as well but decided to have Korean lunch instead.


Seafood kimchi soup hot pot
Kimchi not too overpowering. Generous portion of seafood consisting of prawns, scallops,  tofu, enoki mushroom and glass noodles.

Chicken miso soup hotpot
Soup slightly on the salty side. Soothing combination with tofu, enoki mushroom and glass noodles

Each set comes with 2 rice and 2 beverages. We ordered lemonade.

And who would have thought that Korean food in India would taste so scrumptious? Hae Kum Gang can be hard to find, lost in the hustle bustle of Bangalore.And this restaurant is recommended by our cousin in law.

This was our first meal after my exam. We ordered a sushi platter. Sushi there was slightly heavier for the amount of rice. And Indians don't really eat wasabi because we had to ask the waiter to top up again and again. The fried chicken was marinated thoroughly and tasty to the bones. Of course there's my favorite soondubu jjigae. The kimchi soup tasted heavenly with the tofu.

I'll probably gain kilos if given the chance to visit Korea.

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