Friday, May 26, 2017

The extraordinary pan mee@Jin's cafe 香醋面粉糕

I have always been fascinated by the wonderful flavor of pan mee. Mommy used to cook it every week. The huge bowl of chewy pasta mixed with the fragrance of egg. Anchovies based soup completed with smooth meatballs and fresh tiger prawns, not forgetting the wonderful fried shallots and more anchovies!

I'm quite lucky that a lot of restaurants in kuantan do sell pan mee. However, most of them are too salty and too heavy on ajinomoto.

I have just realised this hidden gem very recently.


It's so popular that one actually has to call for the chef to reserve some pasta because it sells like hot cakes.

The soup based pan mee has to be taken with vinegar. According to the owner, half a tablespoon. But to me it has to be a big spoonful. It really brings out the flavor. The special chili paste is a must try.

The dried version is heavy in flavor with the taste of pork lard.

One can also order clam cooked in Chinese shaoxing wine and ginger soup. The clams or lalas are cooked to perfection and fresh.

Heavenly taste, nice ambience, good service and affordable price. Will definitely be one of my favorite hang out place in kuantan.

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