Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rama V fine Thai cuisine

After a not so satisfying dinner, we were craving for more. En route back to hotel, we drove past Rama V. It's reputated as the best Thai restaurant in Malaysia.

Spacious interior with a nice tropical garden and fish ponds within. Baby Bing had so much fun exploring the place.

The food was indeed superb! Pad Thai with fried tiger prawn. Such an ordinary dish but they made it so extraordinary! One can't help but devouring the dish even though we were already half full. The combination of fresh squeezed lime and peanuts brought out the flavor even more.

I have never really like roast duck that much because  it's usually fatty. Rama V really changed my opinion as the skin was so crispy and fragrant without fat! Duck meat was also marinated to perfection.

Victor used his entertainer food voucher so we got this vegetarian green curry for free. The gravy was so appetising that we had so much rice.

Ramadhan buffet spread on display :)

The dessert was the much celebrated red Ruby crystals or thap thim krop. Crunchy water chestnut coated with soft and chewy sago coating. Together with slices of fresh jackfruit and coconut milk, the flavor was just heavenly.

Spent RM130+ altogether. A bit pricy but the taste and portion was worth the price tag. A must visit!

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