Saturday, June 10, 2017

The essence of health and youthfulness- clean water

As a doctor, people often ask me the secret of health and youthfulness. It's very simple : healthy diet and exercise. This had been well tested throughout centuries. This is why I really support Jamie Oliver's food revolution. 

Eating well is the foundation of good health. Supplements and detox sessions are expensive plus they don't work and they run the risk of damaging your kidneys and livers. Period. And clean water is the absolute essence to eating well. Unfortunately tap water in Malaysia and Singapore are not fit for consumption prior to boiling or further filtration.

World health organisation places utmost importance in water sanitation. One too many death resulted from consumption of turbid water, especially children suffering from gastroenteritis in under developed countries.

I chanced upon this water filtration company- Cleansui on Facebook. It's a Japanese brand. Hands up who drives a Japanese car here. We absolutely love Japanese products right? As with all other Japanese brands,  cleansui emphasizes on research and technology. This is the technology behind the filtration system.

This is a very easy way to get clean water still rich in minerals without boiling. The product of filtration- clean water! No more crowding your bench top with water bottles.

So you might say there are so many other brands out there. Why choose cleansui? Personally I find the versatility of the products attractive.

There is your standard table top water filter for landed properties. An outdoor filter is optional.

Given that more and more live in high rise buildings,  cleansui also provides an alternative table top water filter that comes with a washable membrane pre-filter.

There's your normal water jug with a filter cartridge changed regularly.

If you think it's too bulky, they have one designed just for individual use. This is great for students or those who work on the go.

There's also a portable version that is good for travelers. Just fit to any tap, then tada clean water! No more worries about water quality anywhere.

For ladies, this filter is just the right one to get the perfect facial cleansing! We often spent thousands on facial treatments or products. But if the water used to clean our face has impurities, all these will go down the drain.

A clean shower for everyone at home :) This also makes sure 99.9% of chlorine in your shower water is removed before use.


The price is also very attractive. It is comparable to water filters made locally.

So why don't we all just drink bottled water instead? Given that we are all too familiar with funny odor and color in our tap water sometimes. Read this interesting article from the Star- the case for tap or bottled water.

I'm sure you all have made your decision by now. Click this cleansui page and get the right water filters for the health of your family members!


  1. Yes..Clean water is the base

    1. Exactly! Which is why I highly recommend good water filtration.

  2. Seems like a great addition to my kitchen! Need one asap! :)

  3. It's very handy because it comes in many forms