Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eateries in mid valley megamall/the gardens

The RyAngel foodie army has successfully landed at cititel hotel for 3 days 2 nights. It's supposed to be a shopping trip besides running some errands. This is where we had our meals. Got heaps of discounts from Offpeak again. Practically eat and shop on the go.

Barcook bakery

This is my first time eating such soft and cottony bread with chunks of cheese smacked right in between! Absolutely delicious. And the irresistible egg tarts.

LG-225  mid valley

Black Bull

It's a recreational center with a bistro, a pub, a bowling alley and a billiard center.

Creamy pumpkin soup. Very soothing. Could be better if the hazelnut slices are fresher.

Beef burger. Love it! Highly recommended if you love cheese- the cheese sauce is just amazing and so rich! Beef patty is juicy and not chewy.

T-003 mid valley

Texas chicken

First time trying it. Being so accustomed to KFC, I find Texas chicken a bit bland in comparison. Most of the flavor is in the flour and skin. The wrap was yummy and juicy though. It's great to have free refills here by the way. The honey oat muffin, on the other hand, is a must try. So crumbly and buttery!

LG- 012 mid valley

An Viet

We are always hunting for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Malaysia. Their beef pho set came with different noodle portion sizes-from 100 to 200g. We ordered 200g for sharing. The broth is sweet and flavoursome. But it will be better if I am given more fish sauce, lime, mint, bean sprouts and Thai basil. Beef slices were so thin and fresh.

The rice paper crackers could also do better with more fish sauce-that's the most wonderful thing about Vietnamese food!
Bing is quite a fussy eater but he enjoys the noodle so much.

Look at this condensed milk ice cream with Viet coffee-vietgatto! Suits the coffee and ice cream lovers. Wake up all your senses. Yummy!

LG-203B mid valley

Sushi Zanmai

Reputed as one of the best eateries at mid valley, it's a very safe place if you want to enjoy good Japanese food with your companies. The sushi selection here is pretty extensive from sashimi to unagi-and it's made with attention and skill because the rice never detach with the toppings. Noodles goes very well with the miso soup base.

T-217 the gardens

Tako balls Aeon Big

Another quick bite while window shopping of course is some takoyaki. There's the classic octopus ball, prawn ball, abalone ball as well as chicken and cheese balls. Topped with generous amount of mayonnaise and bonito flakes, it will definitely satisfy your craving.

LG Aeon Big food corner

What other outlets have you tried and find it interesting? Leave me a comment so we can write about the awesomeness!

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