Monday, July 3, 2017

Homemade soy milk

I am so glad we decided to buy this Phillip soy milk machine. One of my best investments.

Want to make healthy soymilk minus all the trouble straining and squeezing soymilk? This kitchen aid is the way to go!

Soak soy bean overnight in filtered water. I used a cup full for one serving (use the measuring cup provided).

Keep the beans in the fridge.

Simply chuck the beans into the machine and fill up filtered water until the minimum level.

Set the machine to soymilk option then press start.

The machine will do the job from grinding to boiling the beans to perfection.

After half an hour, a long beep hails the best fresh soymilk in town!

Strain the soybean using the filter provided.

Flavor the soymilk with sugar as desired.

It's that easy!

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