Friday, July 28, 2017

How to make your house sparkling clean featuring Kleenso

Housework is everyone's least favorite things to do. So good household products are desirable because effective cleaning will save time and effort. The first product I came across was Kleenso's 9in1 floor cleaner in my aunt's house because her tiled floor was so squeaky clean! We were amazed by how good that made our feet felt.

I then discovered then Kleenso has a wide range of products. For environmentalist, Kleenso is great as it cleans effectively using natural ingredients. For parents, there's less worry about residual chemicals potentially harmful to your children. For economists, Kleenso products are cost effective and affordable. For patriots, it's made in Malaysia!

These are the products I have tried.

Kleenso Serai Wangi liquid wax floor cleaner

For those who love the smell of lemongrass, this is a must buy! Not only does the fragrance linger for a few days, the floor cleaner is also a mosquito repellent, as well as a scare for roaches, flies and ants. Be gone these unwelcomed intruders! This effect lasts for the whole week. It also squeaks when one walks on the floor.

Kleenso tile and bathroom cleaner

Don't worry if your bathroom is mouldy. No more brushing until your hands blister. With this cleaner, the dirts and mould come off so easily. And it also smells amazing. 

Eco cockroach baits

If you live in a terrace house and have a squatting toilet, you are bound to have roaches encroaching your home no matter how clean the place is. It's especially a problem when we have been away for some time. The cockroach is attracted to the gel. After consumption, it will die and the corpse will be eaten by its counterparts (yucks). And the cycle continues. The gel is also made of natural ingredients, nothing toxic to human. So no worries about baby Bing accidentally come into contact with  the gel.

Eco ant baits
We woke up realising ants already infested or cupboard overnight but leaving the bait there killed all the ants within the next day!

Similarly, we often feel annoyed about ant infested foodstuff. Place this bait and we have noticed substantially reduced number of ants within a day. It's also made of natural ingredients.

Biodegradable rubbish bags

There's renewed awareness about the hazard of plastics. These biodegradable bags are just the right way to reduce pollution. And it's just the right size to fit our rubbish bin!

And the price is on par with other commercial cleaners. Personally, we really enjoy using Kleenso products. You can contact Miss Amanda Lem @0122193881 for purchase. Kleenso products can also be found in certain super markets.


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