Thursday, July 6, 2017

Koi Zen Japanese cuisine kuantan

There are already two Koi Zen branches in kuantan. There's one at putra square.

The original restaurant is at star city along jalan beserah.

That shows how popular the place is. We love having lunch there because the set is simply very cheap for Japanese. Of course more discount is always welcomed. Got an additional 20% discount off using offpeak.

We ordered ala carte this time.

Spicy seafood ramen. The gravy just has the right punch and flavor. Generous portion of fresh seafood. There's also a dollop of scrambled egg which blends in very well.

Teriyaki unagi don. The eel is just simply yummy! Would be better if the rice is flavored with some gravy.

Mixed sushi and sashimi set! Sushi tastes pretty standard. Sashimi is an assorted selection of tuna,salmon and cod fish-so thick and so fresh!

Look at their lunch set menu. Mouthwatering!

Great place to hang out as well. Good for mini gatherings.

I rate it 8/10!

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