Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kudzu root and papaya chicken soup recipe

It's been very hot recently. Got all these great ingredients from my mother in law. Savory soup to go with rice with a touch of sweetness.

Kudzu roots apparently is a commonly used Chinese medicine. Read this from WebMD

We got organic papayas from our kampung raw and green. Kept in the fridge to prevent ripening for this soup.

Kudzu root-cut in cubes (about two Chinese bowls full)
1 Raw papaya - also cut in cubes
Chicken bones
Water enough to cover all the ingredients

For a lazy person like me, just chuck all of the above into a pressure cooker. Boil the soup for about 30 minutes after it starts hissing. I don't add salt at all.

Tada..... Homemade soup of the day!

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