Monday, July 31, 2017

Luxurious Sunday brunch at Shook! Starhill Gallery

This is our second year being a YTL member hence complimentary Shook! Sunday brunch. It's the best buffet we have ever had thus far.

There's a wide selection of food. So much so that we are really spoilt for choices. The taste is amazing and the arrangement is also delightful to the eyes. Great ambience to dine in. Baby friendly as well.


Fresh tuna, salmon and octopus sashimi that just dissolved in the mouth.

A wide range of sushi available.

They also have 3 types of smoked salmon- chilli sambal (surprisingly matching), pesto and mustard. There's also teppanyaki freshly cooked upon request.


Look at that roast whole lamb! We could smell the awesome smokiness outside the dining area. 

Other meat for on the spot BBQ include chicken wings, chicken satay and marinated beef slices.

 There were also cheesy roast potato and whole roasted potatoes.

Salad bar

Most buffets have limited choice for vegetarians but not at Shook! There were a variety of ready made salads looking so mouthwatering and inviting.

Or one could also choose to assemble own salad.

Look at the fresh lettuce in its glory. So colorful and cripsy.

Shook! served blanched seafood on ice with dipping sauce. I suppose that really preserve the original flavor and freshness.

Crayfish. Look at how generous the portion is.

Tiger prawns. So juicy.

Green mussels


Crabs. Disappointingly, not fresh. And no crab cracker was provided for the huge claw.

There were also fresh oysters but before I got a chance to snap a good photo, the bowl was empty already!


A yummy selection of pasta and all the classic sauces.

The bread and cheese platters were equally sumptuous.

Who can resist the temptation of scrapping cheese from this huge cheese block?

Cold slices of deli meat on display. Makes one cannot stop eating

The highlight was really the dessert section. Enough to make a woman ditch her diet plans and a man love dessert.

A mountain of rainbow coloured macaroons with different flavors eg green matcha, white condensed milk, pink strawberry etc.

Shiny and gooey chocolate mousse that made me lick the spoon clean.
Raspberry mousse

Chocolate tarts

Muffins and cupcakes

Cream puffs

Dark chocolate fountain that went so well with the marshmallows and fruit kebab. Sinful yet totally worth it!

Chocolate lollipop which baby Bing loved. Beware of the soury inside though-tasted like a preserved berry of some sort.

There's also an Asian section serving porridge, nasi lemak, noodle soup, dimsum, pao and chicken rice. Tasted ok but nothing too amazing.

But all these come with the price tag of more than RM180 per pax exlcuding alcohol. Given the quality, we rate it 8/10!

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