Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Master Mee restaurant Kuantan

For those who have been reading, you probably can guess that I really like noodles. So this is another noodle place that's worth going. Master Mee is there brainchild of the Chinese national who opened Beijing noodles initially.

So we expect awesome dumplings! I have always loved Shang Hai dumplings since my medical school days. These dumplings just satisfy my cravings.

The noodles are also handmade. Thumbs up for the chewiness and the fact that it's preservative free!

One can also order seaweed soup or Chinese herb soup. But I seriously think that you should try their dumplings.

They also have a secret master recipe for their chili sauce. It gives you a strong punch of spiciness and complement the noodle dish very well.

I rate this 7.5/10! (I think the quality of dumplings had deteriorated since I last visited)

Can't find any link for the place yet. But it's along Lorong Tun Ismail 8 near Just Relax cafe. 

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