Thursday, July 20, 2017

Porto Bello Kepong Italian and Asian fusion

We had an early dinner with our close friends. Early is good because there's less crowd and baby Bing can explore as much as he likes.

The menu.

Broccoli salad.. We just love broccoli. It goes so well with anything. Taste great even if just blanched with boiling water.

French onion soup. Love the melted cheese on top of the soup. But the soup itself was too salty and the bread too soggy. Perhaps could make the soup thicker so the bread won't be drowned.

Goat cheese salad. Ingredients are fresh. Crunchy bibb lettuce with creamy goat cheese and soft tomatoes matches well with a generous splash of olive oil.

Chicken chop with salted egg sauce topped with bonito flakes. There's this recent salted egg craze. Salted egg pumpkin, salted egg buns , salted egg prawns etc. But it does taste heavenly! So aromatic and really enhances the flavor of the chicken chop. Will be better if we get more sauce though.

Fried spaghetti balls. There's so much mozzarella in it that we feel like as if we are  having pizzas! Spaghetti is very crunchy after frying and pops in the mouth filling our palate with the fragrance of bolognaise sauce. Suggest to share the dish among 3 to 4 people because it's too heavy otherwise.

Look the burger! No mistake that's melted cheese cubes on top of the buns! And nothing will go wrong with a sunny side up egg and coleslaw slopped with mayonnaise.

We rate it 8.5/10 (thanks for being so patient to the messy baby Bing)

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