Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Training in metropolitan KL

I haven't tried taking any public transport in the city after I started working. So it's been 5 years! The aim is to get to HKL from mid valley on time and without making a fool of myself.

Alarm rang at 6am. Hubby shut it and I overslept. Ready at 7am. Didn't have time for breakfast because baby Bing wanted to breastfeed. Rushed out. Took a few minutes to locate the KTM station in mid valley mall (connecting bridge on level 1).

At the KTM station, you can't just use touch and go for all the entrance. Just one special lane. Unfortunately, there's a lack of signage. So I boarded the wrong train as everyone was rushing to that train when I boarded (doink. Jumping on the bandwagon) I came off the next stop then waited for 10 minutes for the right train. KTM has come a long way from 30 minute interval or late to a 15 minute interval service. Well done!

The not so busy view at KL central station at 10am.

Then I really understand what peak hour train traffic is like. It's just people everywhere. Didn't take a photo of the crowd because people stare. KTM has its own female only carriage so I feel pretty safe in the crowd. But a few elderly gentleman still decided to share seats with us. That's why I think Malaysians are so cute. I hope none of the ladies felt threatened by them : p

KL central station is a maze. It's the interchange. One can change to LRT,MRT, KLIA express, monorail, taxis and buses. However for the later 3 options, there's still quite a bit of walking to be done. The signboard for monorail is incredibly small comparing to other services. And it's right at the other end of the station. One then has to walk through Nusentral shopping center by taking the escalator up. Then down again to the outdoor station.

The lazy KL view outside the monorail early morning.

Finally gotten on the monorail and just gonna wait and get off at Chow Kit station. Then I Google mapped my way to my final destination. What an experience! Generally speaking, I feel safe taking trains alone and it's pretty clean and economical. It took me just 1 hour 15 minutes, including walking.

Comparing to train services in other countries, Malaysia has come a long way. I have tried Singapore, Australia, France and UK. The service is efficient and effective in relieving peak hour traffic on the roads. However, there's still room for improvement. For example, proper signage for directions of train. It should also be integrated ie no confusing names for the train services. Instead of having LRT, MRT and monorail, people just want to know how to get to their destinations.

Just my two cents.

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