Saturday, October 21, 2017

All-time favorite curry noodles at Aman Kopitiam

One glance at the exterior, one may just dismiss the shop as being old and unattractive. But it's unusually crowded during breakfast and weekend. So we went to find out the secret behind the long queues.

Aman Kopitiam is located opposite to KCDC private hospital. We were early on a Saturday morning so it wasn't crowded yet.

There's a good variety of stuffed tofu, vegetables and other ingredients made fresh to go with the yummy noodles. They use conventional yellow noodles here.

So what do we think about the food?

The noodles mixed with caramel sauce tasted rich and springy. The noodles in the curry gravy, on the other hand, went really harmoniously with the other ingredients.
The curry itself, on the other hand, was not overpowering or overly oily. But it just brought the whole noodle dish into a wholesome experience. The plain noodle soup was disappointing though-- soup was fairly bland.

Malaysians love having their food with chilli or sauces. The sambal here on the right of the photo was absolutely amazing. Not too spicy yet adding into the richness of the curry soup. The blended chilli was ethereally equally powerful in waking up the senses.

Definitely coming back for more in the future. Our verdict 6.5/10.

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