Monday, October 30, 2017

Breakfast and brunch in Kluang @ Tangkak beef and RailCoffee

It's been 2 months since we last visited my hometown. Time flies. A huge foodie himself, hubby is always so eager to explore yummy eateries.

I'm not exaggerating when I say Tangkak beef has the best beef noodles we have ever had, not just the best in town! It originated from Tangkak, Johore but has become so famous in Kluang as well.

Look at the variety of beef dishes they serve. Hoping to return and try their beef kut teh.

Look at this glorious bowl of beef noodles. We ordered 濑粉 (a type of pasta made from rice flour) just because this is the most traditional way to have beef noodles.The soup, is sweet and not too overpowered by the beef taste.

And beef brisket is the best cut to go with it. It's braised so perfectly that it just dissolves in the mouth, releasing the rich flavor of the piece of meat.

Dipped the beef pieces in their special chilli sauce that tastes a bit soury to further enhance the flavor.

The soup is topped with this secret shallot based condiment.

It's such a disappointment that they weren't serving beef balls and raw beef slices on the day though.

On the other hand, Coffee lovers like us can never miss out starting the day with a cuppa at RailCoffee Kluang. It's just located in the railway station itself. Be ready to fight for seats because this place is always full.

This cup of Kopi C has come a long way. The bitter and aromatic coffee is the favourite of many.

Since 1938, this shop has been serving the locals and travelers their signature coffee and charcoal toasted bread. Now, people from in and out of the country flock to this spot everyday to reminisce this traditional breakfast. Simple yet elegant.

Their round toasted bun sandwiches a thick slice of melting butter and kaya (coconut and screwpine spread) that's the breakfast to have in Malaysia.

We rate these two must trys 8/10!

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