Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eat clean for health featuring Mayter Lynn multigrain nutritious drink@Lazior

The obesity epidermic is getting rampant in Malaysia. Sadly, Malaysia is now the fattest country in South East Asia. This shouldn't be part of the Malaysia Boleh spirit. Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet are the main culprits- sounds like a cliché.

How to have a healthy diet? This diagram is called suku suku separuh and tells us the portion of various major nutrients that should be on our plate each meal. Much easier to relate to than the classic pyramid. Of those, a good amount of carbohydrate and vegetables/fibers are recommended.

Carbohydrate is an essential part of a healthy diet. But are all carbohydrates good? That's where the concept of glycemic index comes in. This is particularly important in those who have diabetes because low glycemic index food causes less rise in blood sugar.

Mayter Lynn is a nutritious beverage that contains 20 types of ingredients. These are mainly grains and cereals that have been proven to promote health, particularly via  reduced risk of heart disease and creating a healthy digestive system.

In other words, these are carbohydrate with low glycemic index! But they are also low in calories and contains no trans fat which clogs up your blood vessels.

It is also sugar, preservative and artificial colouring free. Therefore, those who have diabetes can safely consume this product. Furthermore, children older than a year, expecting or breastfeeding mothers can also enjoy this nutritious drink. That's fairly impressive!

Something so nutritious also comes with a great taste as well. Even though there's no added sugar,it's very palatable.

Look how much I enjoy drinking Mayter Lynn for breakfast. Because of the low glycemic index, it makes one feel full longer. Therefore, it's great for those who wants to reduce their calorie intake.

Start eating clean today and take charge of your own health!

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Denise said...

Nice post. Well what can I say is that these is an interesting and very informative topic on food for digestive problems

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