Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy dim sum treats

When we have nothing planned, the best thing is to eat our hearts out! Having wonderful dim sums is definitely a good option. I have tried these 3 places recently and find their food worth having.

Elegant inn Hong Kong cuisine

Now this is what we call the ultimate dim sum place. It's one of the best dim sums we have ever had in our lives- gold standard being Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. 

Smooth and springy cheong fan filled with juicy char siew. Stir fry carrot cake with crunchy bean sprouts which always smell amazing. Liu sha bun that really explodes and release all these great salty egg paste to saturate the taste buds. Their buns and pumpkin soup with sago are equally refreshing.

Other guides for yum cha places in Hong Kong

Located in kampung sungai buloh, it's in the midst of the hustle bustle of various Chinese eateries in the area. They serve food at god speed. Everything is steamy hot. We feel a bit overwhelmed with the wide choices. Their dim sum is very fresh and definitely not the 'ready made frozen types'.

 Our favorite is the prawn dumplings with skin so springy and prawns so crunchy. But baby Bing's favourite is cheong fan which I thought was a tad too soft and squishy. They also recently upgraded to air-conditioned dining area.

Yong Xiang restaurant

We enjoy dining here because the environment is cosy, decoration modern and food fairly tasty. I'll say there are not many dim sum places in kuantan and this is one of the most decent ones.

The selection of dim sum is not as wide but they are full of flavor and order to make. Besides that, one can also order char siew, wanton, roast pork, as well as other rice and noodle dishes. I really recommend the butter chicken which is so fragrant and creamy with the scent of curry leaves.

If you crave for some good and delicate teatime, do try out one of these outlets and let me know what you think about them. Enjoy!


Mas_FVOME said...

Wow nice food,i wanna make it a try if it halal.

Dr Yingzangel said...

But I think none of them are halal...Sad.... Try the ikan bakar at Ana instead. 100% halal haha

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